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Bookstore nutrition: the ways to be healthier and happier

alissa r

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of THE BOOKSTORE

The Bookstore! Its quick
Food tastes good
Just what you need when your craving a snack at school But did you know that the bookstore food is some of the most unhealthy snacks you can eat? So what can you do? Did you know? That bagel you're eating is the equivalent to 5 slices of bread Alternatives! Taste is just as good
MUCH more healthier
Keeps your energy up
Mind alert
Feel more full for meals
Gives you necessary vitamins and minerals That's 883 calories with cream cheese! The amount of calories in a Snickers Marathon energy bar are the same as the amount in a medium coke from McDonalds! Your pringles can has 558 calories in it That's the same as a Taco Bell cheesy gordita crunch Burning off that bag of Sour Patch Kids takes 78 minutes of walking or 32 minutes of jogging! A bottle of Gatorade has the same amount of calories as a chicken shrimp taco from Baja Fresh! Alternatives to SNICKERS MARATHON ENERGY BAR Alternatives to GATORADE Alternatives to SOUR PATCH KIDS Alternatives to BAGELS Alternatives to PRINGLES Thanks for watching!
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