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A Mystrey Of Manners

Here are some answers to questions about manners

Jenny Harding

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of A Mystrey Of Manners

A Msytery Of Manners Here are the answers to some questions about manners 1.Why do we follow the rules of manners? This depends on the person. Some people follow manners because other poeple do. Some follow them because it has been passed down for centeries. 2.What is the reason for different culture behavior? Different cultures have different beliefs.Some/most manners are based on beliefs. For example the thai greeting-the Wai- The wai is a way of greeting some one but it is also something we do to a scared person or item. 3.Are manners important? This depends on the age of the person you are talking to. Adults will think that manners are
a really important thing but little kids will not care about it at all. But it is better to know manners(or atleast the basic ones-check out my other prezi!-) 4. When do we be polite? You should always be polite but only to
somebody who you know or have seen alot Thanks 4 wacthing... BYE!!!
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