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Math Project

No description

Hannah McGill

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Math Project

Research Question
Does text messaging affect reaction time when driving? My study prediction is that text messaging delays reaction time while driving and can cause accidents. The Null Hypothesis would say that their is no change in reaction time when someone is driving while text messaging, compared with someone not on their phone while driving. I would reject the Null Hypothesis with my prediction.
Type of Study
My study is experimental, it imposes a treatment on individuals and collects data from the treatment. This study is not based on opinions of others.
It would be unethical to have people purposefully text and drive at the same time, because it could put them in serious danger. To make it more ethical I could perform the experiment while someone is text messaging and then drop a meter stick between their fingers and record the data.
Sampling Design
I would do a random sample of high school students for the experiment. I would do students from high school because text messaging is a major factor to teenagers life, and since they are the least experienced while driving and it would be more beneficial to do them.
Survey or Treatment
I would provide the high school students with a phrase for them to text on their own phone, while performing the experiment. The phrase would probably go along the lines of, "Hey, how are you today?"
Math Project
Hannah McGill
I would look up to see what research has already been done and build from it. Printing off safety forms for the collection of students to sign would need to be done. I would gather data by writing down all the results in a journal and compare girls to guys, by grade and age.
I do not believe bias could exist, and I say this because it is based on factual evidence and data. People are not stating their opinion or what they believe.
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