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Fix The Leaky Toilet

No description

Archuleta G5

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Fix The Leaky Toilet

Toilets are the number one cause of undetected water leaks in your home.
Less than 2% of the earths available water for humans is fresh.
So we need to conserve, save, this precious water.
97% of earth's water is salt water
1% is frozen
1 gallon of leaking toilet water a day will cost a family $800 in a year!

How You Can Help
After completing the toilet test, if the coloring dye does get into the toilet bowl, go to the hardware store and buy a new flapper. This is a great way to save water, to preserve our water for greater needs, and to keep our environment healthy and clean. You will help to reduce family water usage and reduce water and sewer bills.

Fix The Leak Challenge Sponsored by Nature Vision
The Toilet Test
Each student will test for leaks in all the toilets in their home by putting some food coloring in the toilet tanks. Wait ten minutes, then look in the toilet bowl to see if colored water has leaked into the bowl. If it does leak into your bowl your toilet is leaking.

•March 17-21,
•Pass out forms the 17
•Return them by the 21st
www.epa.gov - 200 × 274 - Search by image

The school with the most participants
testing their toilets
WINS $300!

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