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an easy quiz game

No description

Rikki Stenzel

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of an easy quiz game

Are YOU Ready??!!

a) Metal Man b) Iron Kid

c) Astro Boy d) Space Boy
Who is this? (in English)

a) France b) England

c) America d) Germany
Where is this?
A) Doraemon B) Trumpet

C) Guitar D) Saxophone
What instrument is this?

a) Mexico b) Indonesia

c) Turkey d) Greece
What country’s flag is this?

a) a Double Cheeseburger

b) a Quarter Pounder

c) a Big Mac

d) a Cheese burger
What is this?
a) The Long Castle of China b) The Chinese Wall

c) The Great Wall of China d) Super Castle Wall of China
What is this a picture of?
What kind of car is this?

a) Australia b) Egypt

c) Afganistan d) South Africa
What country is The Sphinx located in?
a) Baseball Bats b) Roller Coasters

c) Taxi Cabs d) Airplanes
What does this company make?

a) Switzerland b) America

c) Mexico d) China
What country is this food from?

a) Computer Software

b) Doors and Windows

c) Paint

d) Electric Fans
What is this company famous for?

a) Daniel Radcliffe b) Owen Wilson

c) Harry Jones d) Billy Potter
What is this actor’s name?

a) Tokyo, Japan b) Sydney, Australia

c) Toronto, Canada d) Seoul, Korea
What city’s skyline is this?

a) Nepal

b) India

c) Spain

d) Brunei
What country’s flag is this?
How do you spell the name of this dog?

a) Taiwan

b) Korea

c) Japan

d) China
Where was this cartoon
character created?

a) The Transformers

b) X-Men

c) The Fantastic Four

d) The Decepticons
What group of superheroes is the The Thing from?

a) Teacher

b) Dancer

c) Doctor

d) Singer
What is this character’s job?
What Is the longest river In America?
Round 1: International
Round 2: Animation
What is the tallest mountain in the world?

a) Potato Chips

b) Lollipops

c) Chocolate

d) Ice Cream
What does this company make?

a) a Sting Ray b) an Orange Roughy

c) a Clown Fish d) a Tuna
What type of fish is Nemo?

a) a Tiger Shark

b) a Great White

c) a Whale Shark

d) a Reef Shark
What kind of shark is Jaws?

a) The North Pole

b) Canada

c) Europe

d) Japan
Where does Santa live?

a) Cup Noodle b) Sunglasses

c) Fake Teeth d) Gulcosamine
What did Ando Momofuku invent?

a) Guglielmo Marconi

b) James Radio

c) Masahiro Tanaka

d) Albert Einstein
Who invented the radio?

a) Goofy

b) Pluto

c) Rover

d) Akiak
What is this dog’s name?

a) Agra b) Mumbai

c) New Delhi d) The Taj Mahal
What is the capital of India?

a) Soccer b) American Football

c) Baseball d) New York Yankees
What sport does this team play?

a) Daisy

b) Darling

c) Flower

d) Honey
What is Donald Duck’s girlfriend’s name?
How do you spell my name?
a) Televisions and Cameras

b) Food

c) Computer Products

d) Apple Store
What do they sell this store?
a) Beaverton, Oregon b) Los Angeles, California

c) Buffalo, New York d) Houston, Texas

a) Komatsu

b) Mercedes

c) Cadillac

d) General Motors
What company’s logo is this?

a) England b) Japan

c) Australia d) The United States
Where are Timberland boots from?

a) a Golden Retriever

b) an Akita

c) a German Shepard

d) a Great Dane
What kind of dog is this?
Round 3: Companies
Round 4: Random
It's game time!!
a) Chiwahwah

b) Chihauhau

c) Chihuahua

d) Cheewawa
Where is Nike's headquarters?

a) a Porsche

b) a Lamborghini

c) a Ferrari

d) a Toyota
a) Mt. Fuji b) Mt. Everest

c) Mt. Kilimanjaro d) Blue Mountain
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