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Describe the photography exhibit that you saw. About how man

No description

Trinity Kerrigan

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Describe the photography exhibit that you saw. About how man

Describe the photography exhibit that you saw. About how many photographers were there? What was the subject of the exhibit or photographs?
Describe the display of the exhibit. How were the photograph(s) framed? Do you think the display of the photograph(s) could have been improved? If so, what would you have done to improve it? If not, what did they do right? What did you like about the display (location, framing, height, placement, etc.)?
Why is display important? What effects could the display have on a photograph or our enjoyment of a photograph?
10.10: Photographer Etiquette and Display
Thank you!
By: Trinity Kerrigan

Why do photographers or other artists exhibit their work?
How can collections of art help record changes in art or culture?
Why do people buy and own pieces of art, such as photographs?
The photography exhibit I saw had white walls, and was very clean. There were only a few photographers/ The subject of most of the pictures were people.
The photographs were in a brown & white frame.
I do not think that the photographs could not
be improved.
The display is important because if the photographs were not placed with spaces in between, they would be everywhere around the room just clattered together
I think that photographers and other artists
exhibit their work so they can answer
questions and say why they took that
picture or made that painting.
Collections of art can help record changes in
art or culture by telling how far art has come
or just plainly telling history.
Some people buy & own pieces of art
because maybe they offer a TON of
money or maybe the museum
doesn't want it anymore.
Press it one more time... :D
Just 2 make u laugh... :D
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