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The 1920's

No description

Julie Fleischmann

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The 1920's

The 1920's
Harding Administration
Return to Normalcy
Teapot Dome
Economic Prosperity
Culture of the 1920's
"We must seek the readjustment with care and courage. [W]e must strive for normalcy to reach stability...The forward course of the business cycle is unmistakable. Peoples are turning from destruction to production. Industry has sensed the changed order and [is] turning to resume their normal, onward way. The call is for productive America to go on. I speak for administrative efficiency, for lightened tax burdens, for sound commercial practices, for adequate credit facilities, for sympathetic concern for all agricultural problems, for the omission of unnecessary interference of government with business, for an end to government's experiment in business, and for more efficient business in government administration."
Reduced Taxes
increased production
Henry Ford
Glenn Curtiss
assembly line manufacturing
Social Issues
The Red Scare
Immigration and the rise of nativism
Eugenics and Social Darwinism
Scopes Trial
Literature and Music
Role of women
Rise of mass entertainment
How might this era be assessed?
During the 1920s, what was one result of innovations in U.S. transportation technology?
F Commercial airplanes replaced ocean liners as the primary means of travel to Europe.
G Mass-produced automobiles made travel more affordable for many people.
H Cable cars provided a comfortable means of quick travel to any city within a state.
J Container ships delivered agricultural goods to ports along the Pacific coast.
Palmer Raids
Sacco and Vanzetti Case
nativism=dislike of foreigners
Immigration Acts of 1921, 1924, and 1929 targeted immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe.
The Great Migration
Resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan
Marcus Garvey
Belief in the superiority of the Anglo-Saxon race led to the rise of eugenics.
Survival of the fittest in terms of economics and society.
Clarence Darrow
William Jennings Bryan
Traditionalism vs. Modernism
Frances Willard
The Harlem Renaissance
Sought to bring recognition to the African American community
Democracy: By Langston Hughes
Democracy will not come
Today, this year
Nor ever
Through compromise and fear.

I have as much right
As the other fellow has
To stand
On my two feet
And own the land.

I tire so of hearing people say,
Let things take their course.
Tomorrow is another day.
I do not need my freedom when I'm dead.
I cannot live on tomorrow's bread...

Tin Pan Alley
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