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Marketing Plan For In Out Studio

Nottingham Trent University Consultancy Project

Mohammad Katouzian

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Plan For In Out Studio

Marketing Plan for In Out Studio
Consultancy Project

Niche Market Strategy
In Out Studio is formed by a multidisciplinary team, directed by
Nayra Iglesias

Nayra Iglesias
is currently the Creative Director and Manager of In Out Studio based in Spain.

In Out Studio was established 5 years ago in

The business activity of
In Out Studio
mainly focuses on comprehensive designing.

: Passionate Projects for Passionate People.

Services & Projects done by In Out Studio
Strong, stable economic fundamentals
The country’s construction industry has lately experienced a boost from major infrastructure improvement projects
Favorable business environment
Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destination.
Morocco has privileged relationships with various different countries.
21% of population speaks Spanish.
The Moroccan government has continuously been implementing policies designed to modernize the economy.
Morocco has a stable political environment and infrastructures.
Foreign investors are given same rights and advantages as local investors.
France and Spain are the leading investors in Morocco.
Close to Europe
Wide range of languages (Spanish, French, Arabic)
Low – Cost labor
Skilled and efficient human capital

Information Technology development
Infrastructure is yet developing

No tax on companies for 5 years and 7.5% after this time.
No VAT for payments received from abroad.
No minimal capital is required
Morocco has a dual legal system

Morocco has similar weather such as Canary Island
Attractive as a luxury tourist place

SWOT Analysis
PESTEL Analysis
Why Morocco?
Market Entry Strategy
Competitors Strengths and Weaknesses
Internationalization Process
Market Entry Mode
Marketing Partnership
Improve the Web-site
Input of more languages.
Set up an enquiry page.
Detail information about the product.
Design the web-site based on target market.
Improve the pattern.

Future Works
ACP Team Task
Marketing Activity: Promotion
Joint Venture
Joint Venture
Recommended Business Strategy
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