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Meet the school counselor

No description

Beth Rosenblum

on 3 August 2017

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Transcript of Meet the school counselor

Meet the School Counselor
In today's lesson, you will learn what school counselors do and how the school counselor can help you this school year.
How are school counselors like Mrs. Potato Head?
I listen to you whenever you need someone to listen to your feelings or problems. I love to hear about all the good things that happen, too.

I look out for you and see ways to help students.

I can help you take deep breaths and calm down.

Confidentiality means we do not tell others what you share with us.

School Counselors are good secret keepers.
Exceptions: If you are being hurt, hurting yourself, or hurting others, we have to tell.
School Counselors lend a helping hand, give high fives, and hugs.

A School Counselor is a friend.

You are not in trouble if you go see the counselor.

School Counselors walk around doing many different jobs.
whole group lessons
small group lessons
meeting one-on-one
....and so many more jobs
What about Mrs. Potato Head's purse?
A bag of tools and tricks to help you have a great year!
Learning to Learn
(academic skills)
Learing to Earn
(career exploration)
Learning to Live
(social and life skills)
Learning to Give
(character education)
School Counselors can help when you have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.....
School counselors help teach kids how to solve problems.
School Counselors can help kids make good choices.
A letter to a person on their first day here...
We are so glad you are here at this school!

You are awesome!

Live like it!

Thank you for viewing! To see more of my prezis, please visit....


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