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Marta Rodriguez Fernandez

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Villains!

Next, he returned to his village to live in a secret underground. One day a priest came to visit Rasputin and ran away. The priest said that the devil was inside Rasputin. A woman called Anna came to visit Rasputin because she needed help. The Tsar’s son was very ill and Rasputin cured him. Rasputin helped the Tsar’s son every time the Tsarina said him. He became Tsar’s best advisor and he had a lot of enemies in the court. Rasputin said to the Tsar that he should go to the war to win. He made it and the Tsarina was very worried all the time. The Tsarina began to depend more on Rasputin and he used his situation to dismiss some of his enemies. Two nobles called Felix Yusupov and Vladimir Purishkevich thought a plan to kill Rasputin. They invited Rasputin to Yusupov’s house. He wasn’t suspicious. He put poison in the food and the wine, but the poison didn’t kill Rasputin. They shot Rasputin three times and he was still alive. They threw Rasputin to the Neva River and he died from drowning. Tsarina buried Rasputin near the palace but after a revolution some workers found the body. The workers burnt the body and it tried to sit up. They thought Rasputin was coming to life again. Before he died, he wrote a letter and predicted that if the nobles kill him, the Russian people will kill the Tsar’s family. His prophecy was realised.

Rasputin: He has got magic powers. He is tall and thin. He is evil, clever and very religious.
Tsarina: She is a woman. She is tall and she has got small eyes. Her favourite advisor is Rasputin.
Catherine de Medici was born in 1519 in Florence. The astrologers said to her parents that she will destroy her husband’s family. Her mother died of the plague and her father died a few days later. She was orphan with 12 days old. She was very rich because Medici family was one of the richest and most powerful family in Italy. They governed Florence. At first, she lived with her grandmother but she died a year later. Then, she went to live with her aunt. Next, she lived in Florence with the cardinal Giulio de Medici. One day, when she has 8 years, there was a rebellion and Catherine was forced to stay with the rebels. She didn’t forgive her family for leave her with the rebels. Her family send her to different convents in Florence and she received an excellent education. When she returned, the fighting began again. She hid in a cupboard but a man found her. She was forced to ride on a donkey through the streets. The crowd shouted at her and threw stones and food. After that, Catherine went to Rome to live with Giulio de Medici. She got married with Henry of Orleans. She wanted to impress the court of France and she wore the first high-heeled shoes. In France, she was very lonely and nobody respect her because she wasn’t a royal princess. Her husband Henry loved a woman called Diane de Poitiers.
Catherine de Medici
Catherine and the King became friends and started travel around France. She learnt Maths, French and Greek and built an observatory. Her favourite advisor was Nostradamus and she sometimes asked him for advice. She also became interested in poisons and she perfected her talent with poisons. Because her unusual interests, she was called Madame Serpent. She killed her husband’s brother to make her husband next in line to the French throne after King’s death. The French people didn’t want an Italian queen and she hasn’t any children. With the help of medicine and magic, she began to have many children. After that, the King died and Catherine was very sad because the King was her only friend in France. So her husband became the King, but Diane de Poitiers controlled him. When her husband died, her son Francis became the king but he died a few years later. Her other son Charles became the king and Catherine controlled him and started to have more power. Next, it was St Bartolomew’s Day Massacre to kill the Protestants, especially to kill Coligny, their leader because he was controlling her son Charles. That night, many people died and there were many thieves. Finally, her last son died and she couldn’t do anything.

Catherine: She was known as Madame Serpent. She was tall and thin. She was clever and evil. She poisoned many people.

Henry: He was Catherine's husband. He was tall and thin. He has got brown hair.
Sweeney Todd was an orphan and one day he went to John Crook’s shop to learn his profession. He was baptised in a church and it burned down. The people of the church said to him that he should go to his shop. His family was very poor and they lived together in one room. He was forced to work when he was a child. He spent a lot of time in the Tower of London talking with the workers and seeing the instruments of torture. He had a terrible father but his mother loved him very much. His parents froze to death when they went out. Two years after his arrival at the shop, he was arrested for theft. He should be hanged for this, but the judge had compassion and sent him to Newgate Prison for five years. When Sweeney arrived to the prison, he went to the barber to learnt how to be a barber and how to steal. Sweeney wass an angry and violent person and he often thought of cutting the throats of these men. He promised take vengeance against the society when he was free. He started working as travelling barber. He committed his first murder. He killed a drunken man when he was telling him about his love affair with a woman very similar to Sweeney’s woman.
Sweeney Todd
After a long time, he opened his own shop in Fleet Street. Sweeney killed many people in his new shop, but he wasn’t arrested. The, there was a problem with St Dustan's Church, Sweeney’s shop neighbour. The smell from the church became intolerable and the Vicar told it to the chief of the police. The police decided to investigate Sweeney’s shop and found clothes from 160 people. They went down into the tunnels under the church and they saw an enormous pile of bodies. The tunnels were also connected to Margery Lovett's bakery. She made the most delicious meat pies in London and the police finally understand it. Sweeney killed people and Margery used the meat for her pies. They were arrested, but Margery poisoned herself and died. There was a trial and the defence lawyer tried to win it but he couldn’t. Finally, Sweeney Todd was hanged in Newgate and his body was cut up.

Sweeney: He was a barber from London. He is tall and thin. He is evil and very clever. He killed many people.

Margery Lovett: She was a widow and she opened a bakery next to Sweeney’s shop. She has got fair hair ad dark eyes. She poisoned herself.

Rasputin was born on 1869 in a small village in Siberia, Russia. His family were peasants and he has got a brother called Dimitri and a sister called Maria. One summer, they were playing when Maria drowned. Rasputin’s mother blamed him. Another day, Dimitri and Rasputin were playing and Dimitri almost drowned, too. He died a few days later. He discovered his special powers when somebody stole his father’s favourite horse. Some visitors came to his house and Rasputin discovered who stole the horse. Rasputin was afraid of his powers. When he grew up, he got married and had three children. He became a cart driver. One day, he met a man. He was studying to be a priest and told Rasputin about religion. Rasputin stayed in a monastery for three months. After leaving the monastery, the Father Makari told him that he should leave his wife and children. He lived like a vagabond for many years. Rasputin made many miracles during this time.
The End
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