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Care For Disabled

No description

Steven Dampier

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Care For Disabled

Care For Disabled
By Jessica Lloyd

Decision making processes and forums
My company make sure they always talk to the correct peope when decision making is in process. We always try to get the best possible outcome for the disabled individual, by all coming together and making an important decision. We do this by involving everyones opinions and even involving the family if need be. Decision making can sometimes be a difficult process if people have different opinions and may take a long time.
Role of care quality commission
Our work place finds it very important to make sure that all staff are giving out, high quality and effective care to every service user. Also to make sure they are being respective and appropriate to everyone in the centre, including workers. If a manager feels as though someone's standard of care is not at the correct level they will need to be observed and trained until this standard rises. They would undergo checks every so often to see if it has improved.
Partnership working
Our company use partnership working to bring together two health care professionals and make sure they both provide the best possible care for all disabled individuals. We do this because we feel as though two professionals with different experties and different opinions will help come to a better conclusion in relation to a patients disabilty. As our company focus on physical disabilities we bring together people such as physiotherapists and GP's. Their two experties will help to provide good care, and good information.
Multi-agency working
We also use multi-agecy working by coming together with two or more agencies to benefit and care for the individuals needs, as there will then be much more knowledge about disabilties. These agencies work together to ensure that the individual is coping with their disabiltiy. Agencies such as physiotherapists, carers and day care centres are able to priovide care for disabled people. They do this by helping ederly disabled people with every day activities.
Staff training and induction
I and all mangers make sure that every staff in our facility are trained to the best possible abilty. We will always make sure that the training is up to date and to a good quality. We make sure they are aware of how to work with individuals of all ages with a physical disability. We also make sure we do this at the start of a job, when an indivudal applies, we make sure they have two week straight training course, to understand how this certain facility works and what they will be doing as their job.
Working in partnership with adults using services, families and informal carers
As a caring facility we happily allow family members of the individual to be involved within their care. We understand that some people may feel more cofmortable/happy talking to their family about their disability. Some individuals may also feel scared to talk for themselves so their family can talk on behalf, this is very important for younger people with disabilities. Within meetings with doctors their parents could attend.
GP's are able to know the individual well and understand their disability as they may have diagnosed it, and then work with physiotherapists if needed.
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