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PWB Creative Analysis

No description

Alex Bangasser

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of PWB Creative Analysis

-keeps the family together; rest of the
family wouldn't survive without her
-takes life for what it is and makes
the most of it Most Valuable Person [MVP]--Orleanna Price To the first-ever PWB Awards!!!! WELCOME!!!! -"before and after"
followed in her father's footsteps
at the beginning, embraced her
own ideals with Anatole's guidance
at the end Most "Improved" Person--Leah Price -went about his missionary work in
the wrong way and with the wrong
attitude [what NOT to do]
-heart grew harder as the novel progressed; never paid any attention to his family [kids] Best [expletive]--Nathan Price -takes advantage of every lucrative
opportunity that comes his way
-very unkempt [to put it delicately] Best Slimeball--Eeben Axelroot -uber intelligent [palindromes--need
I say more?]
-has overcome many obstacles in
her life; [kind of like Rachel] has semi-
made something of herself Most Likely to Become the "Female Stephen Hawking"--Adah Price -strange appearance on the surface
[facial scars]
possesses incredible amount of intellect and knowledge
"goes with the flow" "Wierdest" Schoolteacher Award--Anatole Ngemba -witch doctor...yeah
-very mysterious personality
-puts the snake in the Price's chicken
house--kills Ruth May Scariest Person--Tata Kuvudundu by: Alex Bangasser A Creative Analysis of
The Poisonwood Bible -Dmitri "Just call me Slimeball" Trenin
[http://www.wikistrat.com/analyst/dmitri-trenin/] Nicest Handicap Award--Mama Mwanza -very charitable despite her own
arduous circumstances
-only one in the village to truly
befriend the Prices Best Elle Woods Impersonation--Rachel Price/Axelroot/Dupree Fairley/Price [again] -appears somewhat like a "blonde" on the surface
has her own bright & insightful moments--ended up making something of herself And now...our top stories of the day... -very smart and intuitive for her age [and slightly annoying at times]
-provides "comic relief" Best Impersonation of
my second cousin Aubrey--Ruth May 1.) "China Shattered in Africa; righteous Father seeks transfer from 'earthly things.' " -New York Times

2.) "Villagers Scavenge after Hunt; 'Daddy's little girl' moves out from under his shadow." -Washington Post

3.) "Lumumba assassinated; Congo weeps as Mobutu is proclaimed."
-Dallas Morning News

4.) " 'The Ants Come Marching In!"--insects ravage Kilanga and Price family disperses." -Chicago Sun-Times

5.) "A Bible Battle for the Ages; victor flees the country while loser declares He'll stay 'in His service.' "
-Miami Herald And now..a moment of silence... -Nathan Price:
"A man who lectured of hell and brimstone.
A man who, by the flames, died all alone."

-Orleanna Price:
"Mother of four and survivor of more,
Who gathered the courage to close the door." Page #:
Well, hallelujah and pass the ammunition! 125
We won the war. 211
We were leaving the worst behind. 200
We are going to make the Congo, 184
5 For all of Africa,
The heart of light.

So I just didn’t stop. 381
“The LORD is my Rock and my Fortress, 196
The horn of my salvation.”
10 “Have mercy upon me, O God…” 106
“Heavenly Father, deliver us… 78
Deliver us in Your wonderful way.” 507
“Holy Father, bless us…” 69

It’s taken a lot to dampen our hopes. 433
15 You can’t just point to the one most terrible thing 327
And wonder why it happened.
Because his kind will always lose in the end. 384

Well, hallelujah and pass the ammunition! 125
Africa swallowed the Conqueror’s music 385
20 And sang a song of her own—
“My baby, my blood, 382
My honest truth:
Entreat me not to leave thee,
For whither thou goest I will go.
25 Where I lodge, we lodge together.
Where I die, you’ll be buried at last.”

Hope is the thing with feathers. 185
The heart of light. 184 FOUND Poem: "The Heart of Light"
[an original work by Alex Bangasser] And finally...our Top 10 Characteristics of the "Heart of Gray Area" 10.) Atlantis Resort in the Sahara Desert
9.) "Ali-Foreman Palace" gives condos a whole new meaning
8.) Nathan's "church?" More like first-ever rec center!
7.) Green Mamba snakes? Why no Black Mamba snakes??
6.) Mobutu--has more palaces than Tom Brady has SB rings
5.) We Like Ike...Turner.
4.) Leah's "house" in Bikoki = closest thing to set of "Wizards of Wavery Place"
3.) Africa [Congo] is "chess match" between Belgians and Americans? What ever happened to checkers?
2.) Really? No conga lines in the Congo??
1.) Price's "deluxe" hut sold for $0.92 on eBay
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