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The Daily Five


Paddi Ross

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of The Daily Five

The Daily Five CAFE The CAFE and The Daily Five Student choose to read to themselves from a variety of books they have selected from our classroom library. Students choose to read to a Partner. They can have a partner they would like to read with organized or we use playing cards to match up partners Students choose to listen to reading, using an audio book to listen to someone read to them. Read to Self Read to a Partner Listen to Reading Read to Self Read to Partner Listen to Reading Students choose to work on their own writing projects or they choose to work on writing projects that the class is working on for writing, social studies or science. They can use the computer to type a story as well. Work on Writing Students choose to work on words. They practice their spelling words, high frequency words or theme words. They use white boards, chalk boards or coloured felt to write. Word Work Work on Writing Word Work I understand what I read. Comprehension I can read most of the words. Accuracy My reading sounds good. Fluency I notice sophisticated words when I read. I use exquisite words in my writing. I use fabulous words when I speak. Expanded Vocabulary This is a prezi designed to show you grade three students at work making choices during the literacy blocks, 'The Daily Five'. While they are reading or writing, students apply the goals and strategies they have learned in the CAFE Workshops .
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