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shaniah hay

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

shaniah`s life
when i was two years old i started playing soccer for the redbacks i wasn,t very good at the start but after a while i got better. i was the goalie in the team for one and a half years after that i started playing mid i stopped playing soccer when i moved houses and came to picton.

>-it took 6 hours to get through customs

my second trip to bali

facts about me
>- 5 and a half hours on the plane to get to bali

we stayed at the bali dynasty resort
fav colour: fluo green
fav food: hot chips and gravy
fav movie's: ted, the host,breaking dawn, burlesque,limitless and the series the kardashians.
fav friend's: taylah,taryn,jade,ella,april, serena and brooke childs
fav teachers: mrs boyd, mrs doonan, mr mac and mrs capps.
point wostoncroft
my family
In my family there is
six kids not including
my sister in law there are five girls
and one boy there names
are whitney,tenealle,tamara,
zoe,ben and my sister in law
aleeta. some times there so
annoying i could kill them
but i no i would never really kill them.
my fav activities: giant swing, high ropes, kayaking, bmx riding, raft building,
boomerangs and archery.
for the first three days i was in a caben with serena.d, laura,tori and eryn but then i moved into ava and claudias caben.
photo shoot
my sister`s and i went to a photo shoot at glitz and glamour in macarthur square it was very exciting to spend a whole day with my sister`s with out my parents there i loved it and it was worth the money.
my scary sister tenealle

some of my crazy family
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