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Unethical Presentation

No description

Kiara Washington

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Unethical Presentation

Children in Military Families More at Risk for Maltreatment Risk of Maltreatment for children of military personnel 2.5 times higher than national norms during deployment Recent report states that the children of a deployed parent were significantly more
likely to demonstrate both internalizing and externalizing symptoms such as:
emotional reactivity
somatic complaints
attention difficulties A growing body of research suggests that military deployments
might be associated with increased rates of domestic violence and
child maltreatment both during the deployment and upon return of the
service member 42%
of the non-deployed parents reported significant
parental stress and children of parents with such high levels of stress were
about 7 times more likely to score at high risk for psychosocial problems Research suggests that military deployments may be associated with increased rates of domestic violence and child maltreatment both during deployment and during the reintegration period More than 1/3 of
school-age children showed high risk for psychosocial difficulties
during parental deployment Children of deployed parents,
especially older youth and girls, reported more problems
with school, family, and mental health.
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