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career shadowing

career shadow a barber

Leonard Thomas

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing

The purpose of this company is to help people
keep there hair under control, and in a style they would enjoy being in and be proud of.
In 15 years Gary's Barber would be sold to another owner to keep the buisness running when Gary Picking retires from his job. The employabiliy skills needed for this job is to be able to hold conversations with others.
You should to be able to communicate with others and intertain them so they feel confortable in the shop. The salary you recieve mainly depends on the customers that come in that day. Basicly your salary is ranging from 50 to 60 dollars per two person depending on the type of hair cut they get. At the end of the day a barber usually end up with up to 200 dollars. The technology used in this barber's shop, is a set of high tech silent clipper used to cut the persons hair. Also styling combs for combing customer. Last they are equiped with air soft spayers that spay the hair of the person. As skills you must be able to style, cut, or trim just how the customers orders. You must be able to automaticly know what type of tools to use for the diffrent styles. I would pursue this career because,
Im interested in styling and cuting hair. Also I like the money the person makes through out his/her day.Also the fun i,d have interacting and meeting new people who come in for a haircut. the things I liked about this job is the fun you have laughing, and talking with customers as they wait for a haircut. It makes your job alot more fun. Also the income you recieve cutting hair. The thing I didn't like about this jod is having to start up your own shop and trying to keep it running. Because you have to go through so many hard processes berfore opening your own shops like inspections.
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