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All About the Persian Gulf War

No description


on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of All About the Persian Gulf War

What was the Persian Gulf War?

To start us off, the Persian Gulf war was a war that took place in the Middle East in the late 1900's, and lasted for one year
Countries involved

Many countries played many different roles in the war. Some were helping each other and on each other's side, and others were rivals. The countries involved were Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the USA
What caused it?
The Persian Gulf war was mainly centered around oil conflicts, and countries were getting desperate for this valuable resource. It started when Kuwait's oil production and debt repayment went downhill, and in effect, Iraq was stealing Saudi Arabia's oil supplies.
Key events and people
George bush (US president at the time), ordered US troops to protect Saudi Arabia.
When was it?
It took place August 1990-February 1991
By: Hannah M
History of the middle east
The US was trying to fight Iraq, but they built up more troops, so Bush ordered more.
The ground war began-
The US invaded Iraq in four days.
🎉The USA won
What happened during the September 11 attacks?
As everyone that lives in the USA has most likely heard about, the September 11 attacks on our country was one of the darkest times in history. It was controlled by a terrorist group in the middle east, that crashed planes into the twin towers of New York. Thousands of people couldn't escape, and lost their lives.
What countries were involved?
Afghanistan was responsible for the attacks, and the USA was the victim.
What caused it?
Since the USA was fighting terrorism in Afghanistan held by Osama-Bin Laden, he targeted the USA to attack in return
Key Events and People
First, the USA launched cruise misels on Al-Qeada training camps. Then in response, Osama Bin Laden ordered attacks on the US in response. They hit the pentagon, and the New York twin towers. After that, a long process of expense and hard work occured in trying to kill Osama Bin Laden. We finally did on May 2, 2011.
Osama Bin Laden dies, and the US is left to never forget this devestating time in history.
War against Afghanistan terrorism
A lot of fights and attacks against people were happening in Afghanistan in 1994 through 1998. It all started when the Taliban government fell into existence.
What countries were involved?
Afghanistan, the UK, and US.
What caused it?
When the Taliban government took control, at first everyone liked it. It was peaceful, and enforced better laws. But overtime, it grew bitter, and became a terrorist organization.
Key events and people
As terrorism raged on, the Taliban targeted a Shia Muslim terrorist group in Afghanistan, After that the US launched cruise missiles on terrorist training camps organized by Osama-Bin Laden.
September 11 started
The Iraq war
It all started when the president
of Iraq, Sudamm Hussein, was selling
WMD in order to harm the US.The US
found out, and called war.
When was it?
It took place in the year 2003
What countries were involved?
US, UK, Australia, and Iraq
Key events and people
Sudamm Hussein was Iraq's president. In preperation to harm the US, he was sellings WMDs. The US found out, and invaded Iraq with their allies, the UK and Australia.
Sadamm Hussein
gets executed
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