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Middle school

No description

josh jacob

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Middle school

Middle school
Middle school
The title of this book is called middle school by James Patterson.presentation by Josh Jacob block 5
Why I chose the book
Book cover
I chose this book because a friend recomended one of the books in the series to me and then I read this one after.
Rafe Khatchadorian barely survived the sixth grade, but with the help of his teacher, he was accepted to Airbrook Arts Community School. Life is looking up, but then rafe's mom lost her job because of a fire.Now Rafe has to move to the big city into her Grandma Dotty's house.Rafe hates it because not only is it crowded but he also has to sleep on the couch.Rafe's mom is looking for a job,but with no luck.Fortunately Rafe was exepted into another art school were he meets his fist real friend.
Rafe:main character
Matty:Rafe's first friend
Leo:Rafe's best friend
Jeanne:best friend from his the old school

The setting of the story include: the city and the suburbs.
I think the theme is ( opportunity is every where).I say this because when Rafe's mom lost her job but that also means that she can find a new better job or when they moved and Rafe had to find new friends he also had an oportunity to get new friends with new personalitys.
Meaningful Passage
If you know me,then you know I have what my mom likes to call an "active imagination" and what some of my teachers like to call a "tendency to lie"
I give this book a 4 out of 5 because it was funny but it had some boring moments.
I recomend this book to 6th graders and up because its a funny exciting book.
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