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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; A Word for the Skeptics

Are you trying to convince someone to watch MLP:FiM? Show them this!

Skyrim OrBust

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; A Word for the Skeptics

Chances are, you are asking yourself.... WHAT THE FUCK IS SO GREAT ABOUT ??? Well, the answer, ladies and gents, is simple. We have no idea. For some, it is the superb animation. Some, for the..... HILARIOUS CAPTIONS PERHAPS (Feel free to watch these by the way.) THE FAN BASE? Some creepos may watch in hopes of Rule 34... We are not affiliated with those people. SOME FOR THE CUTENESS We are not affiliated with them in any way. Bronies are not affiliated with them in any way. Just watch some. You'll see what we mean. Some people enjoy it for enticing
people's tastes with new culinary
advances that are only recently
being accepted by some people. (By the way, do you like cupcakes?) Perhaps these add
something to the appeal. The writing is fairly decent. And by "Fairly Decent" I mean better than most shit on TV these days. SO you're interested.
Now what? Perhaps some background information is in order. MEET THE PONIES FIRST
OF ALL. Three types of ponies. EARTH PONIES No wings, no horns. Possibly
the most common kind of pony.
This doesn't bring them down,
though. APPLEJACK Reliable, hard working. Loves
all things apples. Represents
honesty. Earth pony. PINKIE PIE The best pony. Loves
cupcakes, alligators,
and parties. Represents
laughter. Earth pony.
UNICORN PONIES Has horns. Magic abilities.
Not as strong as Earth ponies
but this is balanced out by
their magic talents. TWILIGHT SPARKLE Celestia's personal student.
Loves studying magic and
learning about friendship.
Unicorn pony from Canterlot. RARITY Acclaimed fashion designer.
Suffers from OCD. Unicorn
Pony, represents generosity.
PEGASUS PONIES Has wings and the ability
to fly. Can manipualte the
clouds. The pony-based
residents of Cloudsdale. RAINBOW DASH Very fast pony, the best
flyer in all of Ponyville and
perhaps even all of Equestria.
Prefers things 20% cooler than
normal. Represents loyalty. FLUTTERSHY The shyest pony. Very
good with animals. Likes
to stare at things. Represents
kindness. OTHER Don't meet the three
criteria but still
nontheless important. DERPY HOOVES The most intellectually
advanced pony. Hindered
her own intelligence in an
experiment gone wrong.
Now hauls heavy cargo. SPIKE Twilight's personal assistant.
Only means of communication
between Twilight and Celestia.
The only non-hostile dragon
to appear in the show so far. PRINCESS CELESTIA Co-ruler of Equestia. Mentor of
Twilight Sparkle. Has traits from
Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorn ponies.
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