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Advertising geared towards teens

No description

Justin Shipley

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Advertising geared towards teens

Advertising geared towards teens
How does advertising use language and image to target teens?
Teen girls...
Teen boys...
The implications of these advertisements...
Low self-esteem
Models on TV and in magazines
Being attractive
You have to remember...
These are teen boys
Their hormones are all out of whack
They will try to do this because it will make them "popular".
Boys will be boys...
The wanting of a girl's attention
To become more appealing to a girl
That you can get cleaner with Axe and if you do you'll get way dirtier
Again, as a teen boy, you want this
Attractiveness is important when attracting the opposite sex...
This image shows that with Axe, you can be that guy, the guy that a girl wants
The transformation from that "average joe" into a man that is very attractive
Being attractive and attracting all of these girls will make you a "player"

To fit in that bikini for summer
Have that Coca-Cola body figure
That summer body
The answering to the questions;
Will I look good in this?
Will I draw 'his' attention?
Do I look fat?
Sofia Vergara is a celebrity, and a girl might say she is so beautiful, she's in advertisements, she's pretty, and she is drinking that Diet Pepsi, maybe if I do, I'll be pretty just like her
The size of the can is skinny and thin, hinting that it has less of everything for you, so less to no calories
It depicts the "I manage this... by doing this..." and to a teen girl beauty is a lot
The fact that the packs that Hostess is selling, consist of 100 calories will make her feel better about consuming it
If she eats a decent amount already and isn't happy with her weight, she'd prefer to eat this, feeling better about herself, even if only a little b
Answering the questions;
Will this really impact my body?
Can I work it off?
Will anyone notice?
Teens boys
Teen girls
Will find it okay to prey on every girl that Axe supposedly brings to them
The advertisements take advantage of a young boy and his hormones to sell a can of Axe body spray
The possibility of becoming conceded and full of oneself, like vanity
That girls need to be pretty to be on TV or in magazines
That eating this or drinking this will give me that bikini body
Because a celebrity eats or drinks it then I need to so that I can be pretty and attractive like them
Teen boys
Teen girls
Can give them confidence
If a boy were to really love a girl, it could push him to "go to the next level"
Can push a girl to go against soceity and break all of the "norms"
Be the person that most people thought they couldn't be
To build up their self-esteem and confidence
In comparison and contrast...
Directed at looks
Social classes
Directred more at insecurities
Compared to celebrities
To be "beautiful" you need to do this and eat this and be on this cover of this magazine
More pathos
Body figure
Directed at the less confident teen boy
You might be moderately attractive but using Axe will make you look way better
Attention of the ladies
So, yeah the advertisements used on teen boys and girls are very effective because us boys want to get at the ladies and it's effective on the girls because they want to be that model on TV. But in reality we are all perfect in our imperfection.
In conclusion...
A boy wants this attention. The ad is saying that with Axe you can get the ladies as compared to other brands, in which they have no power over the women.
Boys have that dominance trait to be on top of the food chain and if having a bunch of girls is one of them then he will buy this so he may be looked up to by other boys and be popular.
That even a boy who doesn't even pay attention to girls can get a girlfriend
The typical "nerd" can get a girlfriend if he uses Axe, causing him to buy it
As seen in the ad, his score is repaeted in succession, displaying that that is all he does
As another boy looking at this ad you may feel as since you looking up that are under water and that you are lower than this boy, and again that plays with the part of another boy wanting to be like him. He is on a board with multiple mermaids going after him
When you arte looking up, you are sort of aspiring to be him, as if you are envious of his social status with the women.
But with Axe you can
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