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My past, present and future. :)

No description

carol pintadoo

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of My past, present and future. :)

My past, present and future. :) I was born in Catalonia I had short hair,
including red and brown, and very very curly when I was little I ate a lot My aunt, my uncle, my cousin and my grandparents lived in madrid I had a rabbit.
His name was Tambor, like a rabbit from the movie Bambi. My favorite sport was football. when I was little I love dress up many things I was always a favorite of my grandparents I loved the dance and theater when I was litle I loved with my litle bike I was a crybaby I loved the shoes because I played with all things When I was nine I did communion I went to Perez Sala one year but I changed to Escola del Mar. I lived in Vilassar de Mar PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE. Carolina Pintado Martinez
3erB 29/02/2012 2008 when I was a child I was very naughty I live in Vilassar de mar I have big sister I have litle brother. I have a guinea pig I have a dog, his name is Ona :) My dog is sleeping all day. I play a lot of instruments like my grandfather.

I play the Classic guitar, the gralla,the drums, trumpet and the electric guitar, etc My favorite is gralla I am a carrier of giants in the association of vilassar The most important people to me
in my life are my family
and my friends. My best friends are Judit,
Clara, Alvaro and Ramiro I love photography I'm in the percussion group vilassar.
His name is Ssstrèpits I'm very happy because i'm crazy I love dogs I will be music teacher I'll get handsome boyfriend I won't have a mini I'm going to start to study psycology I'll have a son and two daugthers I will live in Vilassar de Mar I will travel to Paris I'll buy a dog I will be happy. THE END (flauta) dhrgtgerfds
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