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The Wolf princess!

No description

victoria ayomide

on 18 October 2015

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Transcript of The Wolf princess!

Even though Cathryn is not as famous as
a writer,She is still recognized for award winning children's book the wolf princess.

Cathryn was born on the 1969
and is now 46 years old and
lives with her husband and 2
All About The Author

What happens....
When the girls get together they find a cabin filled with all the stuff the girls need. Mysteriously, it seemed as if the cabin had been prepared for them.
A man had come to get them saying that a princess of a forgotten kingdom was waiting for her.
The princess seemed like a really suspicious person when they first met her, it seemed like she was hiding a secret, specifically from sophie...
Sophie meets many people who will help her along the way...
...and then...
As sophie was walking through the halls one day she found out a special secret, one that may change her life forever... but you will have to read to find out...
...and finally...
How many stars
out of 5...
One average the star rating is about 3.9 stars..
Other peoples responses...
The Wolf princess!

BY Cathryn Constable
Cathryn Constble
Why do I admire her?
Cathryn fights to try and have her book
published, even though she has other responsibilities;for example being a mother an looking after her family. Her book absolutely amazing and i will tell you why..
Sophie and her friends get chosen to go on a special school trip due to a lady who had specifically asked for her.
Sophie and her friends get transported to Russia and meet their hostess.
The hostess deliberately leave them on the train which causes them to not have tickets and then it causes them to get kicked off the trian on a stormy winters night, in the middle of nowhere.
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