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Building Blocks of Social Structure

How does social structure influence human interaction?

Laura Thrower

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Building Blocks of Social Structure

Social Structure
and Social Interaction
Okay, so what are roles and status?
What is
"social structure"?
The way roles and status guide human interaction.
a way of defining how YOU fit in society and how you relate to others.
the rights and obligations expected of someone in your status
You "occupy" a status, you "play" a role.
To help you remember:
Status: You are a student
Role: You are studying for a test.
Status: I am a wife. (not really)
Role: I cook and clean all day. (not really)
You try one...
Some additional information...
Status can be ascribed or achieved:
Which do you guess is a result of effort, skill, or knowledge?
Which do you guess is a result of qualities beyond your control?
Roles have expectations...
Do people always live up to their expectations in their roles?

Roles usually also have "reciprocal roles".
mother/daughter student/teacher
"Role conflict" can also occur
Think of an example of "role conflict".
Hint: role conflict takes place between statuses.
Teenager: ascribed or achieved?
Types of Social Interactions
-people "interact" when playing roles
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