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Persuasion - Jane Austen

No description

Diana Cantú

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Persuasion - Jane Austen

The Elliots Elizabeth Anne Mary Lady Russell Elizabeth Stevenson
Daughter of James Stevenson, married with Sir. Walter Elliot, her best friend was Lady Russell.
Died on 1800. Mr. Shepherd Persuasion Characters The second daughter of Sir Walter is highly intelligent and, although accomplished and attractive, is unmarried at 27, having broken off her engagement to Wentworth eight years previously. The youngest daughter of Sir Walter, married to Charles Musgrove, is attention-seeking. Husband of Mary and heir to the Musgrove estate.
Who live in Uppercross Cottage. Jane Austen Sir. Walter Elliot
A vain, self-satisfied baronet, born on March 1, 1760, married, July 15, 1784, Elizabeth, by which lady he has issue Elizabeth, Anne and Mary; who live in Kellynch Hall. The eldest and most beautiful daughter of Sir Walter encourages her father's imprudent spending and extravagance. Charles Musgrove Charles Musgrove Walter Musgrove A friend of the Elliots, particularly Anne, of whom she is the godmother. She is instrumental in Sir Walter's decision to leave Kellynch hall and avoid financial crisis. Years ago, she persuaded Anne to turn down Captain Wentworth's proposal of marriage. Who live in Kellynch Lodge. Friend and lawyer of Sir. Elliot Penelope Clay A poor widow, daughter of Sir Walter's lawyer, and intimate 'friend' of Elizabeth Elliot. She aims to flatter Sir Walter into marriage, while her oblivious friend looks on. Frederick Wentworth A naval officer who was briefly engaged to Anne some years ago. At the time, he had no fortune and uncertain prospects, but owing to much success in the Napoleonic Wars, his situation has greatly improved. One of two brothers of Sophia Croft. Sophia Croft
Sister of Captain Wentworth and wife of Admiral Croft. Admiral Croft
Good-natured, plainspoken tenant at Kellynch Hall and brother-in-law of Captain Wentworth. Henrietta Musgrove
Eldest sister of Charles Musgrove. Henrietta, aged about 20, is informally engaged to her cousin, Charles Hayter. Louisa Musgrove
Second sister of Charles Musgrove, Louisa, aged about 19, is a high-spirited young lady who has recently returned with her sister from school. William Walter Elliot, Esq., great grandson of the second Sir Walter.
Heir presuntive. Mr. Russell
Knight Russell His wife Mr Musgrove Mrs Musgrove . .
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