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Penny debate Amy and Isabella

No description

Angela Altazan

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Penny debate Amy and Isabella

Penny Debate:Keep the Penny
Facts about the penny
it cost 2 cents to make a penny
penny are made of 97% zinc
pennies are worthless(opinion of most people)
pennies are expensive
67% want to keep the penny
it is time consuming to make
pennies will be worth more when they disappear
Why do people want pennies?
When you need a drink and can't find a nickle use a penny. People enjoy the penny because Abe Lincoln is on it! What would you do if the workers had no pennies to give as change? Things would be harder to find! They where made of copper but they are now made of zinc, so copper in pennies becoming more valuable! See why we need pennies?
Why pennies are valuable
Pennies are valuable because some pennies are still made of copper. People from all over the USA want copper from pennies. Also we would lose the fact that Abe Lincoln was on the penny which is a big lost for some people. Pennies also help people such as the poor. It would be harder for them to get a nickle then a penny.
News on the penny Debate
50% SAY YES 50% SAY NO
What will happen if the pennies go away?
If pennies go away prices will increase and round to the nearest nickle and everything will be more expensive and people could possibly lose their job.
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