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No description

Edgar Mendoza

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of scenarios

SCENARIO SEQUENCE 3 Jack and Emma Jack is a teenager attending
high school. His purpose is to
graduate high school and
go to college as it
corresponds His first problem comes when his girlfriend gets pregnant. Next, as a low-income child his first
instinct is to dropout school and find a job, sensing the no parental support. A big meeting was going on at that moment at the school, this was all exactly to try to help all those students on the same situation as Jack and Emma. Professors and university students were trying to help and prevent those situations that were hitting the community, Justine "the adviser" who was a psychology student, heard Jack and Emma's dilemma and she advice them to think about it twice, and find a better solution to the problem, she also gave reasonable options for them. A couple of years passed and the project that was implied in Jack and Emma's school extended to other damaged ones.
Jack and Emma had their baby boy and also continued on school. The project lowered 85% the problems they were facing before in the neighborhood. At the end Jack and Emma raised their baby, were studiying and working to hold their new family. THE END :)
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