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Harming Pollutants

No description

Max Paulino

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Harming Pollutants

Sewage Lines
Toxic Chemicals
Oil Spills
Occurs when ships lose crates full of oil .
Caused by storms, emergencies, and ship wrecks.
Land Runoffs
When water Reaches farthest it can into soil, and extra water from rain, or flood retrieves back to the ocean. Picks up contaminants such fertilizers, petroleum, and pesticides.
How Are we Affected
Many marine animals are in the human diet.
Make a Change
Donate to foundations that help clean beaches
Donate to foundations that research on how to clean the chemicals out of the water such as oil, pesticides,fertilizers, etc.
Save the Ocean
Harming Pollutants

A lot of fishes are affected by the of the chemicals, and harmful substances that make its way to the ocean.
Decrease in Population
When in ingested it can cause Cancerous Cells
to form, fertilization problems,
and even birth defects
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