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Visit to the Play ground

No description

takijah king

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of Visit to the Play ground

Physcology of Play
Visit to the Playground
Takijah King
Qualities of Play
1. Freedom from time: I played house with my cousins almost every weekend. They would come over on Friday and we would play all of friday night and go to bed still playing house and wake up the next morning and continue playing. This quality reflects my play a lot because I could play house all day and not even realize it. When I played it felt like I was living a real life and never checked the time.

2. Improvisational Potential: Playing house require improvising. I knew I was not really married with children and I knew I was too young to really live that life but pretending to be someone you aren't or aspire to be in the best part about playing. I got to change my story all the time, if I wanted a new husband I would just say I have one. If I wanted a new job I could change it because it was my pretend world I played in.
Play Personalities
My play personality connects to my favorite childhood activity because playing house involved making up my own life story. I had to pick who i wanted to be married to and how many children I wanted to pretend to have.
Play History
While playing house I was allowed to create my own pretend life stories. I love to use my imagination so I would pretend I was in a relationship with my celebrity crush at the time. Everything about my play was consistent so if I didn't finish my imaginary life in a day I would pick back up from where I left off and go along like everything was my little movie. Playing doctor or teacher I would create my own medical forms and homework.

Learning about my play history was very interesting because I now see that my play as a child has a lot to do with my personality as an adult. I like to set goals for my life in a timely manner and like to plan events.

Favorite Childhood Activity
My favorite childhood activity was playing house. I enjoyed it because I got to pretend like I was a mother with children, I had a imaginary husband of my choice (usually a famous person), and worked at a pretend job I loved.

Other parts of my role playing were pretend cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, bringing my baby dolls to daycare, going on date with my imaginary husband, and going to my pretend busy job.

My mother was always hard working. She took care of my siblings, cousins, and had foster children and was also a great wife. I now value family a lot and play history will show that my childhood play will impact my future self because I hope to one day be the best wife and mother just like my mom is. My friends also see my personality and tell me I am going to be a great wife.
The Story Teller
I am very opened minded. I love thinking deeper than others and using my imagination. Everything I read or learn about I absorb especially something interesting and real. I am a big believer and I can tell stories about past experiences for days.
The Director
I have finally decided to go to school for my Entertainment business management degree. I love planning events and throwing parties. One of the parties I threw last summer I organized with a few friends, got my staff together, and the party made World Star Hiphop. Right now I am co-owner of a business as well, club promoter, and full time hair stylist so I have to plan out my busy schedule daily and stay organized all the time.
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