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Culture in Argentina

No description

Angela Yi

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Culture in Argentina

Culture in Argentina
Modern Argentina culture has been largely influenced by Italian, Spanish and other European immigration, although there are lesser elements of Amerindian and African influences, particularly in the fiels of music and art.
Literature in Argentina
Argentine literature, the set of literary works produced by writers who originated from Argentina, is one of the most prolific, relevant and influential n Latin America, with renowned writers such as Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortazar, Leopoldo Lugones and Ernesto Sabato.
Argentina Sports
Argentine achievements can be found both in team sport such as association football, basketball, field hockey and rugby union. It can also be found in individual sports like boxing, golf, tennis and rowing. However, the national sport, Pato, is not very popular.
What are they Called?
Most Argentines are primarily of European descent, which separates them from other Latin American countries where European and Indian cultures are mixed. Argentines look more like Europeans than Latin Americans.
Language in Argentina
The spoken languages number at least 40 although Spanish is dominant. Others include native and other immigrant languages; two languages are extinct and others are endangered, spoken by elderly people whose descants do not speak the languages. The most know or used languages in Argentina are Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French and German in order.
Architecture in Argentina
Architecture in Argentina
How They Communicate
Argentines are blunt and direct but at the same time they are tactful and diplomatic.
Italian and French influences increased after the war for independence at the beginning of the 19th century, though the academic style persisted until the first decades of the 20th century.
Cultures of Argentina
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