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"Roll a can with static electricity". Science Bob. 2015. Web

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Li Leon

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of "Roll a can with static electricity". Science Bob. 2015. Web

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"All physical objects are made up atoms" (How does static electricity work?).
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The times of rubbing increase also make strength of the static increase.
What is static
"Opposite charges attract each other (negative to positive) "(everyday mysteries).
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Can and balloon?
Roll A Can with Static Electricity

"Roll a can with static electricity".
Science Bob
. 2015. Web.Mar.8.2015
What is static
Testable Question
Introduction of experiment
An atom are made by protons, electrons and neutrons (How does static electricity work?).
protons are positively charged (How does static electricity work?)
the electrons are negatively charged (How does static electricity work?)
the neutrons are neutral (How does static electricity work?)
"Like charges repel each other (positive to positive or negative to negative)"(everyday mysteries).
"What is Static Electricity".
"experiments for kids".
Science kids
. Feb 6, 2015.Web. Mar.8 .2015
Testable Question
If the times of rubbing balloon through hair increase than static electricity will become stronger.
How does the times of rubbing balloon affect the distance of can moved?

Aluminum can, hair, inflated balloon (Static Electricity Experiment).

balloons filled with air
aluminum can was cleaned
rubbing balloons through hair
hold balloons to draw can
屏幕快照 2015-03-08 9.32.31 PM
"What is Static Electricity".sciencemadesimple.1995.Web.Mar.8.2015.
Introduction of the experiment
Rubbing through hair
(Roll a can with static electricity).
Non-moving electricity: static electricity
(Roll a can with static electricity).
Rubbing balloon through hair can create the invisible electrons with a negative charge, and the electron have power to attract light objects with a positive charge (Roll a can with static electricity).

"What is Static Electricity".sciencemadesimple.1995.Web.Mar.8.2015.
Work Cited
"How does static electricity work?".
Everyday Mysteries.
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2011,Web. Mar 8, 2015. (http://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/mysteries/static.html).
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"Roll a can with static electricity".
Science Bob.
2015, Web. Mar 8,
2015. (http://www.sciencebob.com/experiments/staticroll.php).
Leon Li
Erika Scott
English 098
Mar 8, 2015
"experiments for kids". Science kids. Feb 6, 2015.Web. Mar.8 .2015
To determine the strength of static electricity.
Klein Chen
Junda Li
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