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No description

Deaglan O'Hagan

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of Recipe


Let's get

Today's Objectives
Marketing is every bit of contact Edenmore has with anyone in the outside world
Every bit of contact
Think Different...
Think Guerrilla...
Devise a department
Marketing strategy
Create a creative plan that dictates your message and identity
Put together a media
What is the meaning of
Business name
products we sell
Services we provide
The location
the advertising
public relations
email signature
voice mail message
sales presentation
telephone enquiries
sales training
Problem solving
Our team
of getting people
to change their
to maintain
their mindset
if they've
already done
business with us
Marketing is a process not an event
What is the aim of your marketing plan?

The Marketing strategy template
1. What is the purpose of your marketing?
This is the physical action you want your customers to take, such as visiting the website, visiting the pro shop, booking a table, taking a free trial in the gym, calling the club to book XYZ.
2. How you'll achieve this purpose - your competitive advantage and benefits
3. Your target market - or markets
4. The marketing weapons you'll use.
5. Your niche and your position and what you stand for.
6. The identity of your business
7. Your budget
Sample Strategy

The purpose
of Edenmore's marketing is to motivate people to visit or pick up the phone to contact the club to sell the maximum number of services that we provide. This will be accomplished by
the club as being an upmarket facility that provides a memorable experience to ensure repeat business. The
target market
will be those that golf or want to golf, those that enjoy food or plan to celebrate an occasion, those that want to keep fit or plan to keep fit, those that need a space to communicate with their staff, customers or prospects.'
marketing tools
we plan to use include flyers; ads in magazines, newspapers, online, direct mail; sales at shows; publicity in newspapers; direct sales calls to businesses; social media campaigns; emails to customer and prospect databases...The
that Edenmore occupies is a business that provides a year round leisure experience. One that provides a flexible approach to business meetings. A business that provides a computerised exercise program that tracks and monitors your progress. Our
will be one of expertise, service and quick response. 2% of our sales will be allocated to marketing.
We now have a strategy...
Don't let business get in the way of the purpose of business. Be sure that your own efforts include working on your own business rather than simply the business it attracts.
You don't have to spend thousands of pounds you just have to identify a plan and stick to it at all costs
Remember...People forget quickly! Each day we are bombarded with approximately 5000 advertisements and marketing messages. Don't be naive to think that prospects will remember your ad...produce a timeline and choose your weapons carefully.
Let's look at a few top company's and in as few words as possible describe their positioning.

Sample Creative Strategy
The purpose of the Trackman studio's advertising will be to convince our target audience - primarily members aged 35-60 that Trackman will give them an advantage in their golf game. This will be accomplished by inviting our target audience to our planned open events to view our Trackman presentation and listen to some of the world's top players talking about the benefits of Trackman. The mood and tone of the advertising will be serious and educational to help embed the idea that Trackman will improve their game.
Q. What is Kitkat's positioning?
Q. What is the meaningful benefit behind this campaign?

People do not pay attention to advertising...they pay attention only to the things that interest them. Therefore you must grab attention of potential customers and spark their interest.

Make sure the advertising isn't more interesting than what you are trying to advertise.
Forget the ad...is the product or service interesting
Motivate your audience to get involved.

Tell them exactly what you want them to do
Be sure to communicate clearly
Measure your finished advertisement against your creative strategy
If your marketing fails to fulfill the strategy, it's a rubbish ad, no matter how much you love it.

Scrap it and start again.

Always refer back to your creative strategy for guidance and to help with content for your ad.
DHL's positioning 'We're Faster'...Let's take a look at their cost effective creative approach...
Group Task

- Refer back to your Marketing strategy

- Put together a creative strategy for a future campaign

- Test your campaign with the 7 step process

- Present your strategy
Evian clearly achieve their creative message and achieve over 170million YouTube views...
The Media Plan
What media does your target market consume?
Choose as many weapons as you can do well!
Be aware of the weapons that are successful
Keep a careful eye on the weapons that are failing?
Eliminate those weapons that miss the target
double those that hit the target
What is a creative strategy?
A creative strategy is similar to a marketing plan but it is limited to marketing materials only - and directed solely at their content.
Guerrillas have only one definition of creativity in marketing: something that generates profits!
Creativity in marketing has everything to do with profitability and nothing to do with awards and compliments.
Let's put together a
'Creative Strategy'
Selecting the right media
Radio, telephone and the internet are some of the most intimate forms of media. They allow you to spend chunks of time in one-on-one situations with your audience. The internet probably ranks slightly higher because of its built-in interactivity.
Can be a fantastic medium with which readers become involved. Readers tend to take a good, long time to read them...they have the potential to be passed from friend to friend or end up in waiting room lounges.

You can attempt to capture the editorial 'mood'
of the magazine. You can put more information in the ad because readers will be willing to take more time reading a magazine ad than a newspaper ad. Or you can spark their attention and ask the magazine for editorial to explain your offer.

The credibility of the magazine becomes partly linked to the club.

Direct Mail / Emails
This allows you to focus in on your target audience. Created skillfully, direct mail advertising enables you to go through the entire selling process - form securing the prospects' attention to obtaining sales by means of vouchers etc.

Direct mail can be very costly when miss-used, especially with the rise in postal costs. Be careful when selecting databases and make sure your databases are up-to-date.

It's important to follow up direct mail campaigns with follow-up mailings and phone calls.
Out Reach
Probably the most time expensive marketing activity although it is highly effective. Depending on the complexity of the sales pitch always ensure you have the best person for the task. Outreach should always be backed as part of campaign.
Outdoor Signs / Billboards / Internal Signs

Superb at reminding people of your existence and your reason for being. They aren't successful as a sole means of marketing except in a rare instance.

Internal signs should be designed to pick up where your other ads leave off. Internal can also be the inside of other business, lounges or public places.
Not this one!!!
Time for a coffee break
Wake up and smell the coffee. Maxwell House elevator

They offer the greatest opportunity to go into detail about your product or service. People expect a lot of information from a brochure, and you should feel encouraged to provide it - you can be very informative.

Where possible display brochures on our website. plug-ins such as issu help make them web-friendly.
Might need another day for this one...


Freebies, pens, golf balls, conference paper,

Public relations

Excellent for credibility if used correctly. A lot of people take ads with a grain of salt but take PR as gospel. Forget the term ''even bad publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right.'' Bad publicity is harmful to our company.

Community relations
Figure out ways of getting involved, not merely to serve your department needs. Show the local community that we support them and they'll support us.
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