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Alexander Hamilton

No description

Morgan Miller

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Alexander Hamilton

The Ten Dollar Founding Father
By Harley & Morgan

How will you
leave your legacy?
Alexander the visionary leader!
He's Remarkable!!!
Ender's Game
Works Cited
Alexander Hamilton
Background Check
Born in Nevis on the Brittish West Indies
Died in NYC
Married to Elizabeth(Eliza) Schuyler
8 kids
Founding Father of U.S.
Best Known For...
Founding father
Federalist party
US coast guard
New York post office
Born in the Caribbean
Poverty(got his money by helping the local wealthy men)
Many enemies
competition in politics
people against his beliefs
Maranzani, Barbara. "5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alexander Hamilton." History.com. A&E Television Networks, 11 Jan. 2012. Web. 31 Aug. 2016.
"Those who stand for nothing, will fall for anything"
- A. Hamilton
He has a musical that was dedicated and named after him!
Not only was he an excellent political figure, but he was also a skilled poet.

As a visionary leader, Alexander portrayed qualities of openness, imagination, and persistence. Like other visionaries, Alexander spent most of his life trying to make his dreams a reality.
Anyone who met Hamilton believed that he was genuine and hardworking. He became successful because his plans and ideas were very effective.
-financial plan for the United States
-argues that it will be essential for the country to honor their debt
-believed government had to regularly set aside revenues to pay off interest and bonds
"Alexander Hamilton." Encyclopedia.com. HighBeam Research, 2004. Web. 06 Sept. 2016.
Dbello. "How Effective Was Alexander Hamilton's Financial Plan for the United States?How Effective Was Alexander Hamilton's Financial Plan for the United" Enotes.com. Enotes.com, 15 Nov. 2008. Web. 06 Sept. 2016.
-Like Peter, Hamilton had to often lie in order for his voice and opinion to be heard.
-In order to be sent to college, Hamilton lied about his age to get scholarships. similar to how Peter lied about his age and identity to gain followers on the web.
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