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Top Trumps: Minecraft Edition

No description

Harry Bateman

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Top Trumps: Minecraft Edition

Top Trumps:
Minecraft Edition

Top Trumps
The widely known card game used worldwide. It is easy to play and fun to play. The perfect game for you friends and/or family. Better than most card games.
Now, take the infamous computer game played by millions: Minecraft. The highly addictive sandbox game. Surely you've heard of it. Create a world of what you want with unlimited resources, or a world for you to survive in. Play on your own or with your friends.
Now, take those two widely known games, and what do you get? The new computer-card game
'Top Trumps: Minecraft Edition!'
A game that you could spend ages playing, and never get bored. Highly addictive, fun to play, fun for all.
Game Details
Free on the App Store, but if you purchase the full version for just £0.69, you get all the cards available! That makes the game much more interesting. Play against friends or the computer, with different difficulty settings for your desired level of play.
Buy now while you can, and experience the full fun of play!
We target a more younger audience, people who are familiar with both games. This is good as children and young teens use phones more, so are more likely to get this game.
Why we want you
We want you to make our app a success. With people buying it every day. Mass selling = mass profit. We want you to be a part in that success.
App Info
It takes up 2MB of storage, and it's way worth it. It will make a mass profit. You will be glad you sponsored us.
So, want to invest?
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