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Final Educational Technology Paper

No description

Karen Kinsey

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of Final Educational Technology Paper

Final Educational Technology Paper
Part 1, 2, and 3 Views of Educational Technology
Part 2: The Pessimistic View of Educational Technology
Pessimists are concerned with the impact of technology. Technology will ultimately cause more problems in society. It also deprives people of their basic needs such as human interaction. Technology needs to be carefully used to be effective.




Part 3: Where I am at!
I am more on the optimistic side of educational technology, although I also understand much of the pessimistic views as well. It is definitely important to me to learn new technology to use in my classroom. My students enjoy technology and it tends to excite them and focus them on their work.

I feel fairly comfortable with technology and I am open to learning new things. I do feel that my technological ability plays a role in my attitude toward technology. I also know many teachers who lack ability in technology shy away from wanting to learn more. I understand that it is hard for them to teach using something that they do not feel comfortable with, but as part of their job teachers need to find a way to adapt to the changes in education. Districts need to do their part as well and provide teachers with training and support to help them through the challenges they might face with technology.
Technology is everywhere. It is not going away, yet only becoming more and more advanced and apparent. Teachers do not have the option to ignore it. Technology skills are built into our standards. Careers require knowledge and background skills in technology. As teachers I feel that we do not have a choice, we need to accept technology and embrace what it has to offer in order to provide our students with the skills necessary to succeed.
This was an interesting assignment. It brought some thoughts to my mind that I hadn't thought of before in regards to technology in education. It was also challenging and took perseverance. At times it was difficult to find the research and it took a lot of interpretation on my part. I learned some new things and have a somewhat changed outlook on technology in education.
Final Thoughts
It is much too early with the use of technology in education to say that it makes a difference. The research that is out there is weak and more time and research is needed to see the effects. The use of technology is inconsistent in education which also makes for difficult research.

Student Motivation
Is student motivation the real problem? Keeping students motivated and engaged in learning is always a goal for teachers. What motivates the student to learn? Is it technology or having a real life connection? Meeting the individual needs of students which may or may not be technology is what will help engage the students and motivate them to take an active role in their education.
The attention span of students today is a definite problem. Students are bored easily and a not able to persevere through tasks. They are used to having immediate responses. The use of technology helps to meet the needs of students and keeps up with the quick pace of their attention spans. Another factor in the attention span of students today is from marketing. Videos and appealing visuals are everywhere which is embedded in digital natives day to day. Teachers need to keep up with marketers and the way they influence students.
Teachers face challenges in implementing technology. Budget restraints affect the ability to supply all schools with enough technology to suit the needs of students and teachers. Many teachers also need trainings on how to implement technology effectively which is an additional cost.

Part 1: The Optimistic View
Technology is creating constant change. It improves lives for the better. Education must change as well. Academics alone are not enough. Teachers need to raise standards. Students need to be taught critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and decision making. A high level of learning needs to happen among all students. With careful implementation of technology this needs to happen in education.



With quick responses and results, the pace of life is quicker. Students want immediate results and lack the ability to problem solve and persevere because of this factor. On the other hand, students have the ability to quickly learn so much more with technology at their fingertips.
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