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Dena Statum

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of The

Utes Indians
Student: Eli Burford
School: John Jones
Teacher: Mrs. Statum
Date: November, 2013

Where the Utes Lived and What the Houses Were Like
The Ute Indians lived in deserts and highland areas. Climate is hot and dry. The Utes lived in temporary housing called wickiups. Their homes were cone shaped and made out of sticks and covered with grass.
The Ute Indians were hunters and gatherers. They ate deer, buffalo, roots, pine nuts, seeds, fruits, grasshoppers, and other insects.
The men wore breech cloths with leggings and buckskin shirts. The women wore dresses decorated with bead work, shells, and elk teeth. Warriors wore shirts decorated with bead work, shells, and elk teeth.
The Utes lived in bands and were ruled by a chief that was chosen by a council. The Ute band chose the laws.
Special Traditions
They believed in keeping harmony with nature. They had a 10 day dance called the Beardance every spring for couples and a dance for four days called the Sundance every summer for individuals.
Chief Ouray
"Land of the Sun"
He tried to stop the Utes relocation because the American government were forcing them to move.
The End
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I enjoyed reading about the Ute Indians especially about how they moved around due to the seasons and food.
The Utes lived in the southeast part of the United States. They lived in Utah, a state named after them, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.
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