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The Holophrastic Stage

No description

Kate Steele

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of The Holophrastic Stage

Child language acquisition The Holophrastic Stage The Holophrastic stage aka 'the one word stage' occurs when an infant is between 12-14 months old. At this stage children use single words to express a whole-sentence like meaning. The words in this stage serve three
major functions;
to link with a child’s own action or desire for an action
to convey emotions
a naming function common words include;
- mama/dada
- yes/no
- go
- car Young children often over-generalise words due to their limited vocabulary:
"bottle" used to refer to any drink
"teddy" used to refer to any soft toy
"dog" refers to a range of animals that the child is unable to pronounce
"car" refers to anything with wheels e.g. trains, planes It has been suggested that the number of
holophrastic words a child can say depends on the parent.
The word choices and phrases that are used by the
child come from the parent’s language,
therefore it is crucial that a child
interacts daily with their parents
during language development. Thanks for watching!
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