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Louis & Mary Leakey

No description

Rebecca Gonzalez

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Louis & Mary Leakey

Louis Leakey
born on August 7th 1903 in Kabete, Kenya
died on October 1st 1972 in London, England
Childhood & Education
"Their" Career & Discoveries
Childhood & Education
most of her childhood travelling around the world with her parents
Their Kids
Colin Leakey
Their differences & further studies
Marriage suffered in the 1950's
Their biography, discoveries & journey
Louis & Mary Leakey
Mary Leakey
British paleoanthropologist & archeologist
born on February 6th 1913 in London, England
died on December 9th 1996 in Nairobi, Kenya
Paleoanthropologist & archeologist
work as a team
study fossils and early evolutions of humans
3 boys: Richard, Jonathan, Colin & Philip Leakey
Grew up in Kabete, Kenya
A member of the Kikuyu tribe
Discovered stone tools at age 13
University of Cambridge in England, 1922
Rugby accident; could not continue
Returned in 1925, graduated in Anthropology & Archeology in 1926
Conducted excavations in East Africa
PhD in 1930
Learn to hunt, speak Kikuyu as fluent as English
Parents were missionaries to the Kikuyu tribe
1st important African discovery (in 1948) was the skull of a Miocene hominoid ("proconsul africanus")
Many discoveries were found in northern Tanzania, at Olduvai Gorge
Why are they important?

1931 The Stone Age Culture of Kenya Colony
1934 Adam's Ancestors: The Evolution of Man and His Culture
1935 The Stone Age races of Kenya
1936 Kenya: Contrasts and Problems
1936 Stone Age Africa: an Outline of Prehistory in Africa
1937 White African: an Early Autobiography
1951 The Miocene Hominoidea of East Africa
1951 The Miocene Hominoidea of East Africa
1952 Mau Mau and the Kikuyu
1953 Animals in Africa
1954 Defeating Mau Mau
1965 Olduvai Gorge: A Preliminary Report on the Geology and Fauna, 1951-61
1969 Unveiling Man's Origins
1969 Animals of East Africa: The Wild realm
1970 Olduvai Gorge, 1965-1967
1974 By the Evidence: Memoirs, 1932-1951
1977 The Southern Kikuyu before 1903

Books by Mary Leakey
• Excavations at Njoro River Cave, 1950, with Louis.
• Olduvai Gorge: Excavations in Beds I and II, 1960–1963, 1971.
• Olduvai Gorge: My Search for Early Man, 1979
• Africa's Vanishing Art: The Rock Paintings of Tanzania, 1983

Informs us of our ancestors; those who shaped our world/society to what we have the privilege of seeing it as today.
Had separate plans for further career path
Louis worked with Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas
Mary stayed at her base camp at Olduvai Gorge
Jane Goodall & Louis Leakey
Birute Galdikas & Louis Leakey
"Leakey's Angels"
born on December 13, 1933.
plant scientist in the United Kingdom
lives with his wife and 3 daughters: Emma, Tessa and Tamsin.
Jonathan Leakey
born on November 4th 1940.
businessman and former paleoanthropologist.
was the first son to his parents Louis and Mary Leakey.
discovered fossils of the “Homo” ancestor in 1960.
Philip Leakey
born on June 21st 1949.
a member of Kenyan Parliament and represented the Kanu party.
runs the “Leaky Collection”
Richard Leakey
born on December 19th 1944.
a Kenyan politician, paleoanthropoligst & conservationist.
the second son to Louis and Mary Leakey.
discovered fossils of “Homo Habilis” and “Homo Erectus”
most famous discovery was of “Homo Erectus” youth (known as Turkana boy).

Robust skull that was of the “Zinjanthropus Boisei”
“Leakey Legacy”
“Homo Habilis” or “Handy Man”
Excavations at Hyrax Hill, Njoro River Cave and Olorgesallie
Volcanic ash footprints
father was a landscape painter
Elie Peyrony
first system of classification
constantly traveling
lacked in receiving educate, therefore her dad taught her
finished school in Kensington and Wimbledon
excavations at Hembury, Devon and lectures in London
first real job was illustrating stone tools for publication
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