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Annie Hasselbach- New Technology

No description

Annie Grace

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Annie Hasselbach- New Technology

Annie Hasselbach- New Technology Games... Xbox 360 w/ Kinect- Lets your body be the controller... Guess Who Extra- Adds a spin to the classic Family game... iPod Touch 4th Generation- A device for everything- searching the internet, playing games, and communicating with friends... Nintendo 3DS XL- A three dimensional way to play your favorite games larger than ever... Apple... iPhone 5- The newest version of one of the best phones out there... iPad- The biggest of them all, beautifully done! Computers/Printers... Dell Inspiron One- Touchscreen, no tower, and everything is wireless... MacBook- A portable computer, fit to your needs... Lexmark Prospect Pro205- The newest/best printer out there offers many features, including speedy printing and amazing quality... Cameras... Fujifilm X-Pro1- Fujifilm's debut into the interchangeable lens world, this camera has all the bells and whistles. Nikon 1- A revolutionary camera in style and design, the Nikon 1 is the perfect camera for any photographer. TOBII GAZE- You can click on something merely by looking at it... Smart TV... An interactive TV with facial recognition and voice control... 2013 Chevy Spark... A small car LOADED with technology... Where did my Prezi go??? Oh, here it is!!!
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