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Bio project

shane neal

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Sponges

Shane Neal Classification Sponges are catagorized as phylum Porifera. Look Sponges are asymmetrical
and have no front or back Sponges are like big
cylindrical water pumps Whats
the Uniqueness Sponges that have skeletons
have them inside their body Sponges that dont are made
of small fibers called spongin Habitat A sponges habitat is
usualy the sea or ocean Salt water what do they eat? Sponges are filter feeders What eats them? Nudibranchs Reproduction Sponges give off sperm into
the surrounding water, then
the water carries it into another
sponge which gets fetilized A free swimming larva is then produced and later forms into
a new sponge and the cycle
starts over again. Other iteresting facts One thing I thought was interesting
was that other sea life use sponges
as there homes because its good shealter Thanks For Watching Attention:

NO sponges were hurt
in the making of this
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