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adventure in english

No description

Trang Nguyen

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of adventure in english

compound sentence -two independent clause join together. The compound sentence are join with a comma and a fanboys. The End hello Lets go on a adventure to learn about compound sentence, complex sentence, and future verb future verb compound sentence, complex sentence, future verb By:Kim Nguyen, Linh Nguyen, Trang Nguyen compound sentence compound sentence complex sentence complex sentence example : I tried to speak Spanish, and my friend tried to speak vietnamese. complex sentence - one independent clause and one dependent clause join together. Complex sentence are join together with a subordinating conjunction. For example : While they are watching the movie, they are eating popcorn future verb Future-when something would happen in the future. It is formed by having will or shall in the sentence. example: I will finish my project tomorrow. Future perfect - when two thing that would happen before it specified time. it is formed by using shall have or will have. example: By the time it will be summer, I will have to wait a couple of months. Future progressive- is a continuous action that would happen in the future. it is formed using shall be or will be. example: By next year i will be in 8th grade. practice: define the fanboys: 1. John bought some new shoes, and he wore them to a party. 2.Linda liked her new house, but she didn't like the front yard. 3. Tiffany doesn't like cheese, nor chocolate. Practice: define the independent and dependent clause 1.After I came home, I made dinner. 2.We went to the mall before it closed. 3.When he handed in his homework, he forgot to give the teacher the last page. practice: define what formed the sentence 1. I will finish my current event tomorrow. 2. When it is December, I will have my winter break. 3. By the time 2016 come, the second movie of Finding Nemo shall be out. Quiz: define what the sentence is, compound, complex, future, future progressive, future perfect 1. By the time it's 2019, i shall have graduated high school. 2. I shall go to the haunted house to prove that I'm not scare. 3. I hate life, but i still have to live it 4.The dark haired woman stepped out of the house, while holding her son in her arms. 5. By the time it's January, i will be 13 year old. Game Time : Little Red Riding Hood goes trick-or-treating with her cousin. Then the Big Bad Wolf steals the cousin's candy and acts like he innocent. Then Red Riding Hood finds out that the Big Bad Wolf steals her candy too. Then in his rush of stealing their candy, he leaves a trail of candy behind. So you guys will make up a sentence using compound sentence, complex sentence, or future verb. After you are finish writing down your sentence ball it up and wait for the signal and throw them. After that pick up the paper that is nearest to you and define the sentence.
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