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The Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)

No description

Hannah Ruff

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of The Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)

The Basics
The Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)
ADL Motor Tasks
Body Positions
Obtaining and holding objects
Moving self and objects
Sustaining Performance

ADL Process Skills
Sustaining performance
Applying knowledge
Temporal organization
Organizing space and objects
Adapting performance
Performance skills are linked to equal the
overall task performance!
4 = competent performance
3 = questionable performance
2 = ineffective performance
1 = unacceptable performance

The Evaluation
The Report
-Determine Two Tasks
-Computer Report

-Brushing or combing hair
-Washing and drying the face
-Upper body dressing - garment in reach
-Setting a table - one or two persons
-Putting on socks and shoes - fastened
-Cold cereal and beverage - one person
-Making a bed with standard sheets and blanket or 'duvet'
-Feeding a dog
-Grilled cheese on toast and beverage - one person
-Cleaning windows
-French toast and beverage - two persons
-Cake, muffins, or brownies
-Vacuuming the inside of an automobile
-Pasta with meat, sauce, green salad, and beverage

A-3. Pot of boiled/brewed coffee or tea -- one or two persons
Essential Task/Specific Criteria
-prepare a pot of boiled or brewed coffee or tea
-pour into cups or mugs
-serve with container of milk or cream
-brewed or boiled coffee, or tea in teapot with tea bags or loose tea
-may use electric coffee maker or French press
-single cup maker (Keurig) not acceptable
-water may be heated in kettle, stove, or microwave oven
-artificial liquid or powdered creamer may be substituted
-container for milk or cream may be pitcher or carton
-person may use tray to serve
-may serve sweetener with coffee or two if desired
-AMPS Performance Skills Summary
-AMPS Raw Score Report
-AMPS Graphic Report
-Occupational Therapy Evaluation of ADL Ability, Results, and Interpretation of an AMPS Evaluation
-AMPS Progress Report
AMPS Graphic Report
AMPS Narrative Report
-Tasks performed
-Overall statement about the quality of the client’s performance
-Skills that most impacted performance – a list and description of the skills that the therapist is most concern about
-Overall ADL motor & ADL process ability, with reference to how the client performed as compared to his/her healthy peers
-Summary of main findings
'Calibrated' AMPS evaluator
Ages 2- 100+
Any diagnoses
110 standardized ADL tasks
Evaluating the overall quality of ADL performance!
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