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Copy of Faulty Coordination

No description

Christine Dowling

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Faulty Coordination

Coordination Faulty
Coordination What the
Coordination.... Linking thoughts or ideas
of equal importance to help give
to your writing! 2 Things 2 keep in mind 1) By combining words and ideas
you avoid repetition 2. By putting sentences together
you show the relationship between thoughts What makes it faulty? Faulty Coordination happens when you give equal emphasis to unequal or non- related phrases For Example Kaiti and Christen prepared this killer presentation for their English class in Starbucks while drinking yummy coffee. What is the focus of this sentence? Kaiti and Christen and the presentation, right! So instead, we could write... Kaiti and Christen, while at Starbucks drinking yummy coffee, prepared this killer presentation for their English Class So,what's the difference? It becomes a modifying phrase 5 things to keep in mind to help you avoid being faulty... 1.Time - When, after, as soon as,
whenever, while, before,during,later,now, etc, etc, etc... 2. Place - Where, wherever,McDonalds,
my house, down the road, school, at the park, etc, etc, etc... 3. Cause - because, since, in order to, so that, etc, etc, etc... 4. Contrast/Concession - although, as if, though, while, etc, etc, etc... 5. Condition - if, unless, provided, since, as long as, in case, etc, etc, etc...
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