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Data Visualization

No description

David Fisher

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Data Visualization

The purpose of an informational presentation is to convey information
Conventional Wisdom:
The metaphor for good diagrams is the "map"
Ed Tufte:
Presenting Information Visually
Don't display too much information on one slide or you'll overwhelm the audience
Graphical "flourishes" improve visual displays
It helps the audience digest information when you structure the order in which they receive it (e.g. introduction, thesis, evidence, conclusion)
Charts must always be meticulously labeled and must include a key
The metaphor for good diagrams is "Smart Art"
Labels are often unnecessary and keys should not be needed
Don't force audiences into a certain order of consuming information
Strive for 100% content
We don't need to hack away information to make a presentation engaging, just change the design
The purpose of an informational presentation is to assist thinking about information
Conventional Wisdom:
Ed Tufte:
Conventional Wisdom:
Ed Tufte:
Conventional Wisdom:
Ed Tufte:
Conventional Wisdom:
Ed Tufte:
Instead, begin presentations with a high-density "data dump" or supergraphic, allowing audiences to digest information at their own pace and in their own way. Then talk to the data.
Conventional Wisdom:
Ed Tufte:
PGE Examples
100% content
No interface or bullets
Color, pictures
Labels directly on graphic
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