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No description

Alexia Romita

on 17 March 2014

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The point of view is third person limited. This is because the story doesnt include personal pronouns like "I, me, or myself e.t.c" . When a person is talking it does not end in "I said" or my nurse said".
The setting of the story takes place in a hospital at night around 7:27.
Michelle's Hospital Room

What did Michelle say
the wig looked like?
Who was the girl that
was boring?
Who was the person that
wanted to speak with Michelle?
What type of cancer did
Michelle have?


The story starts off with Michelle in her hospital room and she is thinking about how Rob hasn’t come yet and then she starts thinking about her cancer.

The theme of the story is life is not always what it appears to be. That's the theme of the story because Michelle was living a normal life just like everybody else and suddenly she got leukemia. She never thought something like that would happen to her.

Another theme is there are perks and downs to life, because a down in micelles life is that she has leukemia and a perk is that she has an amazing boyfriend.

Brenda begins talking to Michelle about Rob. Then they have a conversation about her wig and how Michelle doesn’t like it. Another nurse then comes in and says that there is someone in the hospital who wanted to meet Michelle.
Brenda brings Michelle to meet Claude. Claude has been sick for eight years. He and Michelle start to talk about how similar they felt about the disease but Michelle just wants to die because she is sick and tired of having leukemia. Then a nurse interrupts the conversation and says a boy was here to see Michelle.
Rob finally came, he sat down with Michelle. She was so excited to see him because she thought he was starting to have feelings for this other girl Vanessa, but he didn’t. Rob reassured Michelle that he still had feelings for her. Rob then asked Michelle to dance. As they were dancing Michelle realized that life was still wonderful despite the leukemia.
Michelle is battling leukemia. She is very upset that her boyfriend Rob hasn't shown up to visit yet. She has revealed her emotions to an old man she had just met named Claude. Claude helps Michelle get through her sadness. Rob later shows up and things start to happen.
This story takes place at the hospital Michelle is staying at. The main characters are Michelle, her nurse Brenda, Claude who has been in the hospital for 8 years, and Rob who is assumed to be Michelle's crush. "The Michelle I know" is about a girl who is diagnosed with leukemia. Michelle is feeling quite lonesome at the time because her friends don't decide to visit anymore. She has been getting sick of the same routine in the hospital and just wants to go home. Michelle hoped Rob was going to visit her like he normally does. Michelle soon gets a visitor in the hospital who is Claude they talk about how their lives are and Michelle begins to have hope that hers will get better. Rob then visits Michelle, Michelle tells rob about how much she disliked her routine, she asks how the dance was he went to the night before and he tells her it wasnt any fun, rob tries to cheer Michelle up and Michelle starts gaining her old self back.
Brenda the Nurse
Claude (Claudia)
Other Nurse

The protagonist in “The Michelle I Know” is Michelle. Michelle is the main character in the story because she is the one who has cancer and the story revolves around her.


The antagonist in the story is leukemia. Michelle is upset and hates herself all because of the side effects of having cancer like losing her hair or always being pocked by needles.

The conflict in “The Michelle I Know” was that she has leukemia. She hates the way she looks, since she is balled and hates wearing her wig because she feels that it resembles to Barbie doll hair and looks so fake. If she didn’t have leukemia she wouldn’t have such low self-esteem. She wouldn’t always say that she is ugly. She also wouldn’t hate her life since her friends don’t bother coming to see her anymore and she has to face the consequences of having leukemia.

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