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Fashion in the 1600's

No description

evelyn bull

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Fashion in the 1600's

Fashion in the 1600s
Women's fashion in the 1600's
Women in the early 1600's wore long dresses with tight and detailed bodices. Also, the necklines of the dresses were either very high or very low and round. The hair of a married women was worn in some sort of cap high above the forehead. In the later 1600's fashions began to settle down. Women wore kerchiefs which matched the collar. The waistlines began to rise and the tight sleeves from the early 17th century began to get shorter and looser. In France and England colors began to brighten up into pastel colors instead of the dark colors. Pearls were also beginning to be fashionable.
Men's fashion in the 1600's
Men in the early 1600's wore linen shirts and deep cuffs. They also had tight sleeves and collars which would stick out at the shoulders. Men had pointed beards and large wide mustaches. Gradually, like the women, the waistlines began to rise and sleeves were looser and fuller. The sleeves were sometimes slashed to be able to see the shirt underneath. It wasn't rare for men to wear gowns at this time. Sleeveless leather jerkins (a mans jacket) were worn by soldiers but then rapidly fell out of style. The hair of men were usually collar length and pushed back at the forehead. Hair styles grew longer over the time period and long curls and wigs became fashionable in the late 1600's. Also breeches were worn to replace tights.
Influences of women's fashion
Most of the fashion was influenced by the royals at this time period, because people wanted to wear what they wore. The tight corsets fell out of style because they seemed to have caused a number of health problems. Married women didn't wear their hair in caps because they wanted to out their hair in beautiful hairstyles and hats. Women no longer wanted the same shoes as men did so because of this women's shoes in this time period became more feminine. Along with the tight corsets, small feet were in style back then so women squeezed their feet into small shoes. It went out of style because of how uncomfortable it was.
Influences of men's fashion
Men's fashions was also impacted by the royals and how they dressed. France became the center of fashion in the world at the time so many styles came from France. The middle class would follow the styles of the royalty and when the royals didn't wear a certain style anymore neither would the rest of the people. An example would be petticoat breeches. They were wide and gathered so they looked like skirts. Then when the royals stopped wearing them they soon were no longer worn.
This shows that women and men's fashion has changed for many reasons over time and will continue to develop.
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