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IA Testing - Sprints

No description

Jan Ingemansen

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of IA Testing - Sprints

Have a conductor and a notetaker
Find Respondents
Use target group research
Define parameters for selection
Information sheet on each respondent.
Geography: City/Municipality
Your parameters
Create tasks
Document Your Test
When writing up your documentation for a report or other, your should:
Describe your process of selecting respondents.
Create an information sheet for each respondent.
Describe and explain all your tasks and how they cover different usability aspects.
Describe the setting of the test itself: location, atmosphere, who was there etc.
Describe your documentation and where to find it (appendix, links etc.).
Describe your results and interpretation.
Interpret Results
When the results weren’t what you expected, think about what happened:
Did everyone think the information would be in a different place to where you thought you’d put it? If so, consider putting the information there. You may need to tweak the IA a little to fit it.
Were some of your labels just not clear enough, or did people interpret them in a way different to how you intended? You may need to revisit the labels, the placement of content within them, or the categories themselves.

Spencer, Donna (2011-04-13). A Practical Guide to Information Architecture (Kindle Locations 2897-2900). Five Simple Steps. Kindle Edition.
IA Testing
Friends and family

...are biased
not the target group

Usually better than no testing but use only in emergency!
Target Group
Find determining parameters
Get the widest representation
Determining Parameters
What traits about the target group do we assume are most important in their decision making concerning our subject?
Use your scenarios and create new ones.
Make sure to cover a variety of possible uses of your website.
Use broad terms
"For example: If you were designing a furniture website don’t say “You need a new bookcase”, because people will start looking explicitly for bookcases. Say “You’ve just moved house and have books in boxes everywhere” instead, which gets them thinking about what they’d do about that problem.

If you have an intranet, don’t say “Find the maternity leave policy”. Instead, say something like “You’ve just found out you’re going to have a new baby. What are you entitled to?”. On your accounting software, don’t say “Raise a receivable invoice”. Try something like “You just delivered a report to your client and it’s time to ask them for money”."

Spencer, Donna (2011-04-13). A Practical Guide to Information Architecture (Kindle Locations 2792-2798). Five Simple Steps. Kindle Edition.
Record video and audio!
Preferbly Schreenshot video with webcam of the respondents reactions.
With 'Think Out Loud' test
8-12 of them
randomize the task
Give respondents new tasks until they know the website to well
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