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Gracinha Inglês

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of NIGERIA


Arthur Peret, João Horemans, Maria Fernanda De Nadai, Maria Julia Tabith e Valentina Bortoletto 7ºB

Nigeria, a place of culture
Nigeria is a country, but not an african country like South Africa or Egypt, that everyone´s know a little bit about yours features and natural or culture. Is a place. which the
little that we know about, it´s related with the poverty and violence.
So let´s know about it!

Cries From The Heart: The Photograph
What's the Cries From the Heart project?
Cries From The Heart Is a book, that contains stories about the real life of differents and exotics (for us) culture. That we've read to meet a little bit of places like Nigeria, New Zeland, Jamaica, Uganda and others, in the English and Geography subjects, and after read the we had to make a project about your story.
Our story is "The Photograph", which happens in Nigeria.

Nigeria Is a small country localizated in the West of african continent, with an area of 923.768 km². Your borders are:Níger (North); Golth of Guiana (South); Chade and Camerons (East); Benin (West)
Nigeria´s general information:
170,1 milions of habitants (estimation of 2012)
Oficial name:
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Presidential Republic
administrative division:
36 states
Major Cities:
Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna and Abuja
Human Development Index (HDI):
0,423 (low)
40% christianity, 50% Islam, 10% diferents religions.

The Nigerian Coat of Arms
some indigenous rituals involve
pay respect to the gods and espirits
. Example, the Igbo´s people believes that the bad luck of eat yam till the Anual Festival of Yam. While the other nations, honer the lakes or the rivers, as homes to the espirits of the water.
womens in Nigeria are
managers for work and supplies money for their families
. They spend big part of their money
cultivating and selling homemade products
on the grocery store. The mens still autorized to hit in their womens if no permanant damage is caused.
The works in brass; timber and
in ivory;
ceramic, peaces
in terracotta (of the Nok culture), the works made of iron and a lot of others can be find in popular galeries and museums around the world. The anothers works are made of silver and lether, tissue adorned. archaeological findings of the Nok culture indicate that Nigeria's cutural heritage is been since 2.000 of years ago.
Nigeria, localization and informations
The nigerian music include
differents kind of popular and traditional music
, some are know in the whole world. The style of the popular music is releated with many
etcnics nation
in the country, each one with their own techniques, musical instruments and songs. Apala, fuji, jùjú e o yo-pop; are one of the differents nigerian rythms. Recently, some nigerian singers created their own genders derive of the american hip hop culture highlighting the hiplife, and of jamaican reggae.
While many nigerians that live in city, eat the food traditional and western. The nigerians more rural eat their
traditional aliments
that include yam and corn in the south and a porridge made of corn and sorghum. The nigerians also eat stews made of meat and vegetables.
typical dishes:
Asaro (Bell pepper and yam's stew)
polenta with fish and fufu
rabada (despite to has an european origin is very appreciated in Nigeria)
couscous royal
The Nigeria's Flag
The Photograph: characters and story
the nigerian and starving girl, with thin cheeks and tired eyes
The american photographer
The afro-american teenager
Gender: drama
The photograph: It's about?
The story reflects well the poverty and starving of the african continent.
It's about a starving and african girl, which have thin cheeks and tired eyes. She's on the ground, 'cause she's very weak.
One photographer kneels down and takes a picture of her. He's a journalist and sells the photo to the cove of a magazine.
An afro-american teenager sees her matter on Vogue and she wishes to be like that starving girl, as have thin cheeks and seems like her, like her model, like her inspiration.
Language and people
The official language of Nigeria is
, but there are some
regional languages
that includes Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo.
The Nigerian economy was once based in the cocoa, coffe, peanut, growing, banana and olive oil, but the country,developed and the production didn’t followed this evolution.
Nowadays the country has several deposits of various minerals, but the main one is the oil.

Currency and economic situation
Despite the plantation not be the pricipal source of trade many people still live it
The currency of nigeria is called Naira
Dust: Poeira
Unending:Intermi- nável
Kneels Down: Se ajoelha
Schooled: Escolarizados
Either: Ao invés

1 brazilian real have an equality with a 52,219 nigerian naira
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