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Connecting, collaborating, storytelling: Social media in microfinance

Presentation for social media workshop at the 2013 Microfinance Centre Annual Conference (Montenegro)

katherine knotts

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Connecting, collaborating, storytelling: Social media in microfinance

About me... The big picture... The opportunity... Freelance: learning & communications

Microfinance focus: social performance

Strategic & project communications

Research & participatory learning design The intersection of two changing landscapes:

1. Microfinance industry perceptions and priorities

2. The way we consume, generate and share information Social media offers a means to:

- Connect: create networks/dialogue (external, internal, client)
- Collaborate to co-create knowledge and share/leverage resources
- Storytelling: putting a human face on our work (flexible, cost-effective, integrated) - creating advocates. MFC Annual Conference 2013 Tools for connecting... Tools for collaborating... Tools for storytelling... Small group work Task one: Social bookmarking Task two: Compile and annotate a list of useful online resources that relate to the new USSPM Video production Create a 3-minute video to explain your MFI's complaints procedures to clients Task three: Advocate! Plan an international social media campaign to raise awareness on the importance of financial education Facebook pages... LinkedIn Groups... Facebook groups... The anatomy of a tweet... Hashtag Mention Link Engage! Twitter feed... A precis of the news that matters to you... anywhere, anytime. The intelligent search engine... Let's explore what's available...
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