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Team TRiO-State Conference

No description

Andrea Bennett

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Team TRiO-State Conference

even here!
Shared Content

What does it mean to be a TRiO student?
Meyers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTi)
Weekly Reflections
Financial Literacy
Innovative Ways to Engage Students
University of Washington TR

Andrea Bennett
Kesia Ceniceros
Ann Loveridge
Freshmen Seminars
History of Seminars.
How are students recruited?
Writing Studio
Class Objectives
Upgrade your reading and critical thinking skills
Participate in an open forum for discussing/working on writing skills
Manage your time and set goals
Question your learning strategies
Learn about important UW resources
Grow your student community
Google Docs
Poll Everywhere
Courses Offered:
Writing Studio
Succeeding in STEM
Finding U at the U
Class Structure:
Setting goals and reflecting on accomplishments
A weekly reading assignments
pre-reading exercise, annotating, collecting vocab words, and submitting reflections
A weekly short essay reflecting metacognitively about weekly topic and relevance to student learning
Discover your passion and connect it to a major/career
Learn to avoid common mishaps of your first year experience
Learn the art of time management
Increase your critical thinking and writing skills
Understand resources and services at UW.
Develop your intellectual, personal, and social skills
Gain knowledge of the diverse cultures and ideas that are the foundation of the UW community.

Finding U at the U
Class Structure
Self Assessment before ever lecture
Video Clips
Lecture with group activities/projects
Case Studies
1 min papers
Weekly Journals
Course Highlights
What it means to be a TRiO Student
OMA&D Department
Leveling the Playing field
Tracking of Non Procrastination Course
Emotional Intelligence
Majors and Career Center
Establishing Positive Relationship
Maintaining Wellness

Your College Experience Strategies for Success by John Gardner & Betsy Barefoot
Instructor’s Manual and Test Bank
Instructor Resources through publisher
Active learning strategies
Group Activities
Electronic copy of student book

Instructor Resources
Learning strategies/brain health
Repetition/building brain connections
Time management
Goal setting/decision making
Stereotype Threat/Privilege
Collaborative Learning
Jigsaw final project

Course Content
1. Build a strong foundation for success in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) courses.

2. Explore the interplay between social justice and science and develop critical thinking and writing skills through class discussions, group research projects and peer-to-peer teaching opportunities.

3. Learn essential study strategies and explore the science of how the brain learns in order to develop
a toolbox of academic skills.

4. Develop a community of peers with similar academic interests and objectives, and obtain insight from successful students already in STEM majors and involved in undergraduate research.

5. Learn about campus resources and services.

Class Highlights
Paperless class-all assignments were distributed and submitted through Canvas Learning Management System
Undergraduate Research Program & McNair-guest presentation
Course Objectives
Thinking and Writing -
University Style
Dr. Saundra McGuire
Dir. Center for Academic Success
Louisiana State University
Works Consulted
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