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Learning English as a foreign language

The most common errors and mistakes that Catalan students make (based on Institut Bernat el Ferrer)

Elisabet Munté

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Learning English as a foreign language

The most common error and mistakes Catalan studens make (based on Institut Bernat el Ferrer) LEARNING AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE ANALYSIS OF Catalan FIELDWORK GENERAL CONCLUSIONS GOALS THEORIES improve my own English by trying to overcome mistakes Know why we make these mistakes HYPOTHESIS Most mistakes made by Spanish and Catalan speakers can be traced back to their native language. Institut Bernat el Ferrer ALL
PEOPLE I haven't got the resources to do so VS CONTRASTIVE ANALYSIS advantages able to predict mistakes disadvantages not capable of distinguishing other kind of errors INTERFERENCE ERROR ANALYSIS not all the areas of difficulty predicted occurred in practice advantages disadvantages mistakes are natural, inevitable and necessary to learn people is avoidance not useful when the student is receiving the message INTERLANGUAGE the learner of an L2 first speaks an interlanguage, a language between his mother tongue and the target language. our mother tongue is crucial we also make mistakes that cannot be explained Spanish English GRAMMAR PHASE 1 PHASE 3 PHASE 2 Interview with Dolors Gallego
Documentary : Do you speak English? we have more difficulties than students who speak a non-romance language we still have more problems than other students from another country where the language is also romance. more factors exist Interviews with 3 students To compare and contrast the difficulties
encountered at different levels
of knowledge mistake VS error Elisabet Munté Roca
Treball de Recerca
Molins de Rei, 16/1/2013 I have
learnt questions: question word + auxiliary verb + subject + main verb + object + ?

adjectives: opinion + size + age + colour + origin + material WORD ORDER CONCLUSIONS: BERNAT EL FERRER In general, mistakes coincide MOST COMMON Omit the subject
Subject and verb concordance
Mistakes related to verbs
s in plural adjectives
Pronouns LESS COMMON Passive Speaking is one of the most challenging parts
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